To state it one final time, MBL season 34 did not go well for the Broncos. When a team has lost 12 straight games, it necessitates an off-season of change, and that is exactly what we saw. Let's look at the key losses, additions, and what we can expect from the MBL season 35 Broncos.


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The #MBLseason35 has begun and that means lots of moves were made this offseason. The New York Giants have started off their preseason 1-0 against the Dolphins, and will look to improve on their 14-2 season a year ago. 

The link below will give you a little insight into what went down this offseason, what's in store, and who will start at QB!

Check it out: 

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The draft is nearly upon us and the MBL Draft Pros Season 35 Mock Draft is now available. This mock was written, editted, reshuffled after a nu...

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Embarrassing. Horrible. Difficult. A nightmare. Just some of the words heard in the Denver Broncos exit interviews. A 4-0 start turned into a weekly torture as the Broncos fans watched in horror as the Broncos drop 12 (yes 12) straight games to end at 4-12.  Where did it all go wrong? Let's sort through the Broncos mess of a season and try and find out.

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We have hit the midway point of MBL Season 34 so that means there is another Indianapolis Colts Quarterly.

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     Welcome Raiders' fans to the second installment of the "Raiders Report." This go round we will be discussing the overall state of the team as well as our previous five games in weeks 5-9. Currently we are sitting in last place in the division at (3-5) and not feeling too estatic about our playoff chances. We lost a couple we should have won but primarily our problem has been at QB. Too many turnovers for a guy we are giving a lot of $ to. We have got to fi...

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We are back with Indianapolis Colts Quarterly for the first time of MBL Season 34 and we are going to change things up a bit. We are going to go over each of the first four matchups

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     Raiders fan welcome to the "Raiders Report" brought to you by owner and GM of the MBL Raiders, Cpt Planet. It has been a rough start to the season on both sides of the ball. Offense has struggled mightily especially in the run game. Our passing attack has been mediocre at best. QB Derek Carr has thrown for little over 550 yards, with a 50% completion rate. Also only 3 TDs to 2 Ints. Leading the way offensively has been WR Kenny Golladay with 13 grabs for 234 y...

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The Broncos finished up season 33 with a 6-10 record but won 5 of their last 7 to give themselves some hope going into this season. They used to off-season to retool while keeping the core intact for another run at the playoffs. Lets take a look at the moves and see how the season 34 Broncos will line up.



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