Week 15 Game Review

by Darkbrawler | 11 months ago | 0 Comments

The Broncos come into this game 4-9 and on a losing streak that they want to get rid of. They are on the road to face the Colts who are in the playoff hunt and a tough matchup. In the end though they lose another game moving to 4-10 on the season after losing to the Colts 19-7. 


Chad Kelly was 0/2 before he would go down with a injury. The injury would be a Abdominal tear and he will be out for the rest of the season. Trevor Siemian came in and completed 6 passes out of 10 attempts for 93 yards and threw 0 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Besides the interceptions he played alright.

C.J Anderson had another great game with 11 carries for 119 yards and 1 touchdown. With that he is over 1000 yards this season. Besides that he had a nice run were he juked 2 people and took it for the touchdown to put the Broncos back in the game.

Carlos Henderson lead this week with 1 reception for 41 yards. Which isn't to appealing with that being the highest. Behind him was Emanuel Sanders with 1 reception for 19 yards. It's mainly from poor play by the offensive line and the quarterback not making the right reads.


MLB Brandon Chubb lead in tackles with 6 and Safety T.J Ward was behind him with 3.besides that not much from this defense this week.

MLB Todd Davis and OLB Von Miller both had 1 sack this game. For Von Miller a bit of a surprise with his pass rush ability not doing to good this year.

Aquib Talib had the only interception of this game keeping him 2nd in the league in interceptions.


The Broncos face the Redskins next week and with a win or lost it won't affect the Broncos.