The 2021 Broncos: Close but not Close Enough

by xXunderoathzXx | 6 months ago | 1 Comments

The 2021 Broncos took some great leaps and finally saw a winning season for the Broncos fans to enjoy. They have gone from 4 to 6 and now 9 wins in the current owner’s tenure. They finally looked like a unit that has found an identity. In the end, it was not enough as a loss to the Jets kept them out of the playoffs via a tie breaker. How did the season go for them? Let's dive in!



What went right

  • Rushing attack: Like we mentioned before, something finally clicked with the Broncos this year, and that was their rushing attack. They rushed for a league best 129 yards per game. Gio Bernard was a thousand yard rusher with 1001 yards despite not starting the first 6 games. Chubb pitched in a solid 703 as well. A great season for the rushing attack.


  • Pass rushing game: Von Miller has not lost a step. He lead the team with 18 sacks, quite amazing at 32. Chubb picked up 14. The Broncos as a unit were 5th in sacks picking up 65.


  • Beating the teams they should beat: The Broncos did a solid job of beating the teams below them in the standings this season. They went 9-1 this season against teams with a worse record than them. If only Denver could win some of the others.


What went wrong

  • Competitiveness against leagues top teams: Kind of a broken record at this point but the Broncos cannot put it together against the best of the best. Another sweep to the Chiefs, blowouts to the Cowboys, Giants, and Bengals. The ownership has to be worried at this point in their tenure if they will ever compete will the big boys.


  • Decision making in passing game: The Broncos are never going to win shootouts with their opponents, but what they need their QBs to do is limit mistakes. 18 interceptions is too many for how simple the Broncos passing attack is. If they can cut down this number by 5 or more, I expect them to improve on their 9 wins.


Off-season Goals

  • Figure out the QB situation: The Broncos have a major decision on QB Andrew Luck. While he has been good, he will be making 33 million next season. The Broncos decided to experiment with 4th round pick Nick Stai this season and were satisfied with the results. They could use the cap space to strengthen other areas or opt to keep the veteran. A tough decision but one they need to figure out fast.


  • Revamp the offensive line: After trading Zach Fajardo to the Bucs, the Broncos were a little thin on the offensive line. Luckily health was on their side. They will likely be losing both Paradis and Bolles so they need to use the draft to fill the holes. Luckily they have an extra 1st and 3rd round pick to help.


  • Find Posey a partner: The Broncos have struggled mightily to find a long term answer at MLB. New acquisition Posey looks to be the future but the Broncos should look to find a long term solution next to him. They trotted out both Te’o and Barron this season but expect them to address the MLB position this off-season.


  • Find a running back: Nick Chubb will likely be walking and Bernard is now 30. The Broncos would probably be well served to find a long term solution here if they want to continue their powerful rushing attack.


Thanks for reading! We will do our annual offseason recap in a weeks time!