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Headed into the last week of the preseason it is time for us to take a look into our upcoming schedule and see where and how the Jaguars will finish this season.  At a brief glance there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, no wizard at the end of the yellow brick road, and not a lot of hope in Jacksonville. 

Week 1-We face a division rival, the Houston Texans.  These matchups usually split between both teams but with the Texans rising young QB and their additions during the offseason, it doesn’t seem to be that way anymore.  The speed WR’s that Houston uses always give our Defenders trouble and without a top end speed corner, it will be a long game. But we think that we might catch the Texans sleeping and the Jags start 1-0

Week 2- Playoff team the Kansas City Chiefs are next up.  Blake Bortles was quoted “Put me on any other roster and I am a playoff caliber QB!” after being bench 2 seasons ago.  Well, I guess he knew something we didn’t because after struggling he lead the Chiefs to the playoffs.  In Blake’s revenge game, the Jaguars will falter. Jags 1-1

Week 3- Last year’s Super Bowl runner up come to Jacksonville this week.  The Jaguars are just hoping to keep it close.  The Jaguars are not even close to the level that San Diego has been and there isn’t much to go on during this game.  Jags 1-2

Week 4- Early Bye for the Jaguars this season which may prove to be costly in case injuries happen later in the season.

Week 5 – We are hoping that we win the bid for the MBL LIVE Kickoff game this week.  This is one of the few winnable games on the schedule as the Saints head over to Jacksonville.  Devin Riley was a targeted player for the Jaguars and his talent could have helped propel the Jags but instead he will be lined up opposite our defense.  Like the Jags, the Saints are young and just finding themselves.  Jags 2-2

Week 6 – If you thought that Jaguars and Saints were young, wait until we travel to Tampa.  Tampa has spirit but the Jaguars are looking to exploit their youth, not like we have Veterans all over the field or anything.  Unfortunately, the talent of the Bucs will surprise us and may give them the game.  Jags 2-3

 Week 7 – Carolina Panthers are next during our tour of the NFC south.  Carolina is a playoff team, Jacksonville is not, enough said.  Jags 2-4

Week 8 – Off to The Big Apple this week and a matchup with the Jets.  This will be a good game but the Jaguars defense will be too tough for the Jets.  According to the MBLNetwork, the Jets have major offensive struggles and our Defense will be looking for a bounce back after the Carolina game.  Jags 3-4

Week 9 – The Falcons are our last NFC south opponents.  Falcons are projected to be a playoff team and usually find themselves in the hunt.  Not a lot of hope in this game, Julio Jones will prove to be too hard to cover and Falcons will win.  Jags 3-5

Week 10 – Division opponent Tennessee is going to be considered tops in the South but the Jags are hoping to come out with a win.  Jacksonville is due for a win against the Titans and it is this week we think is our best chance.  The Titans have found their groove and in the end the Jags will fall.  Jags 3-6

Week 11- Our last game with the Texans will flow in the other direction this game.  We split so it’s the Texans turn to win this game.  Jags 3-7

Week 12 – Colts are going to surprise a lot of teams this year.  The Jags will not be one of them because they are our biggest rival.  Colts have too many weapons on the outside and our corner will have to play lights out against them.  Colts win and move the Jags 3-8

Week 13 – Perennial playoff team Denver will be another no brainer games.  But there is a lot of history between the two owners and it’s the first time they have faced off in years.  Broncos’ talent on the field is too strong.  Jags 3-9

Week 14 – Last game of the season versus the Titans.  Jags 3-10

Week 15 – The Ravens struggled last season and the MBLNetwork has said it will continue.  We believe that the Ravens will be tougher than their record shows and will be a tough game.  The Jaguars will have nothing to lose at this point and should leave it all out on the field.  Jags 4-10

Week 16 – We face the Raiders again.  Last season we surprised the Raiders and had some outstanding performances from guys that may not even be on the roster this season.  Jaguars will surprise them again.  Jags 5-10

Week 17 – It seems fitting that we get our biggest rivals in a game that could either make or break the Colts’ chances at the playoffs.  We will bring everything to the field and leave it there.  Jags 6-10

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