A Legacy Relocated

by Tim_84288 | 1 year ago | 1 Comments

Taking a leap of faith isn’t easy. More than anything, it takes courage. Doing something that is the unexpected has to be accepted from within. Outside forces can’t be allowed to push you where you don’t want to go. It takes an internal confidence that shuts out all the noise and says "Hey man, let's do this! You and me." Enter Lipp, a decorated Owner in the MBL and 4-Time Super Bowl Champion, all with his Pittsburgh Steelers. He's amassed over 360 wins, captured 20 Division Titles and is one the best people you'll ever talk to. But for him, there's been something missing. If you read the stats just mentioned, you'd think "Man, he's done it all already. What else could be missing?" Even MJ wanted more rings after he got his 4th. LeBron never stops working and he's entering his 16th season in the NBA. Now am I comparing Lipp to these titans? Not necessarily, but you get the picture. There's always something to be worked on. 
During the MBL Team Selection show last week, the #2 pick was almost a foregone conclusion. Lipp picking his Steelers and looking to add more success to an already successful franchise. But, remember what I said about that "leap of faith"? It was time to leap. The Jacksonville Jaguars, widely considered one of the best teams to take this year due to a ferocious, young and experienced defense, became a target for Lipp in the days leading up to Selection night. How can you look away from a superstar CB tandem of Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye? Myles Jack, Telvin Smith as anchors in your front-7. A bully of a RB in Leonard Fournette and young talent all over the roster waiting to bubble into stars. And for those reasons and more, the decision was made. Lipp selected the Jags. The ripple effects from this were felt around the league. Team selection opened up from that very moment. Division choices were switched, top 5 team lists were shaken all around. 
In Pittsburgh, Lipp ran one of the most potent offenses every season. Big play after big play lit up the scoreboards every week. He's known for putting up points in bunches. Fast receivers, elite passing and the ability to create turnovers was the identity in Pittsburgh. He views this transition going a different way, "Our history has always been about a strong offense that will win a shootout with anyone. The exact opposite is what we want to achieve this year, hoping to suffocate offenses." This team is build to last and cause hell all cycle. An X-factor will be the play of QB Blake Bortles. Going from Big Ben to Blake is a bit of a difference. But there is some upside. Blake does have a strong enough arm to make the throws for Lipp's style of play and he's a lot more mobile than Ben as well. If there's anything Lipp will make sure of, it's that he'll get good QB play. Within that, Bortles needs to find his go-to receivers. "{We need to} identify our #1 target. We have 4 guys I think could be the guy, but we have to get them to stand out.", Lipp stated. The offense is the key to the Jags getting to MBL glory. Defensively, this unit should be able take care of themselves but in order to consistently be in the top ranks of the league, this offense must be able to hold their own and make plays. "I expect that we should win our division and be the AFC's top seed most seasons, but none of that means anything if you can't bring home at least 1 MBL title. That is and always will be the most important goal." 
Jacksonville is in good hands. Lipp has taken his talents to the South and is embarking on a new challenge, bringing prominence to a franchise starving for the shine. The personnel fits, the swagger fits, the fans want it. It's go time for the Jacksonville Jaguars.
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