Saints midseason review/outlook

by Joecook2340 | 1 year ago | 0 Comments

Hello friends, and welcome to the Saints midseason review. So far this season the Saints have been a force to be reckoned with winning 7 straight after a very tough loss to the Bucs week 1. Ever since then tho our leader Hanson Spoon has put the team on his back and is one of the league leaders in passing yard as well as leads the team in rushing tds! This Saints team has held it together despite losing some of it's best players. We've lost Lattimore for 5 weeks our starting rb Studdard for 6 weeks Michael Thomas for 6 weeks in fact he his still out and even Devonte Freeman for 5weeks. Thru all this adversity we remain a top tier offense with backups on the outside and in the backfield. We look forward to the second half of this season as we have a few favorable matchups but no we still have our division to play each one time and a tough Cowboys game. All which could take this team from atop the NFC to just a middle of the road team. We know where we belong and have made some adjustments of last couple seasons to keep us a 10 win or better team. This season we want to prove we're more than just a solid team and that we are in fact one of the top in the league. Look for us to make a strong push the rest of this season and into the playoffs. Things to look forward to as the season progress' in regards to player signings. This is a tough subject as we no what we want to do but we are only now just garnering funds to make any signings at all, but we are looking into a way to sign Marshon Lattimore who wants 20m+ in bonus another player to keep n eye on is Anthony Barr. After his massive deal Barr is wanting a meager 7m a season and only 5m in bonus'. We are considering all if our options as we move forward to also make sure we have funds for next season with our QB Spoon coming into his contract yr. Keep an eye out for more from this team as we look to provide more updates as the season/cycle goes on.