Season 43 Saints Week 5-9 Review

by Darkbrawler | 6 months ago | 1 Comments

Today we look at the 2nd quarter of the New Orleans Saints season.

Week 5

The Saints headed into this game looking for their first win of the season sitting at 0-4. They play against the Buccaneers and manage to get the win beating them 31-22. Luke Windsor had one of his best games completing 14 passes out of 20 attempts for 177 yards, 3 tds, and no ints. Alvin Kamara also played great turning 16 carries into 105 yards and 1 td. Besides the offense the defense played just as well. Germaine Pratt lead the defense with 13 tackles, 12 of them being solo tackles. The next highest was Marshon Lattimore with 7. Marcus Williams had the 1 interception for the team as well.

One other thing happened in week 5 which was a signing. The Saints decided to resign Germaine Pratt to a 3-year deal worth 13.1 million dollars. He has played great at the middle linebacker position and it was clear the team would want to bring him back.

Week 6

The Saints start a 2-game winning streak as they beat the Browns 21-10 and are now 2-4. Luke Windsor also has his second straight 3 td game. He went 11/16 for 158 yards and no ints also. If Windsor can continue to play like this, he could prove the doubters wrong. Michael Thomas made the most out of his receptions with both of his catches being touchdowns. He had 2 catches for 63 yards and 2 tds. Marshon Lattimore had another great performance with 2 ints for the team. Lattimore has been outstanding this year. Najee Harris had 1 int this game as well. The pressure from the defensive line was as great this game as no one could really apply pressure. D'Andre Walker was able to get 1 sack alongside Duke Riley's 1 sack though.

Week 7

This is the Saints bye week and they head into it at 2-4 and on a 2-game winning streak. This comes at a bad time since this may slow down the momentum they were picking up. A new signing did happen though. The Saints resigned offensive guard Erik McCoy to a 4-year deal worth 38.8 million dollars.

Week 8

Rested up and on a win streak can the Saints beat the Giants this week. No, they can't as the Saints drop to 2-5 losing to the Giants, 13-21. The offense was at fault for this game as the defense was slowly stopping the Giants offense, but Luke Windsor couldn't take over and lead a scoring drive. He threw 2 ints, 0 tds, and just couldn't finish a drive in the red zone. The defense was decent this game as there were drives that they just dropped the ball and should have stopped and other drives where they looked great and stopped them. They did hold Teddy Bridgewater to 88 yards but most of the offense was through Saquons 17 carries. The Saints defense struggled stopping him most of the game and will need to improve that run defense.

Week 9

The Saints were destroyed this week losing 7-34 to the Seahawks. Two of the big problems were problems one again this game. Those being Luke Windsor not playing well and the run defense lacking. Luke Windsor had a terrible completion percentage of 40% going 10/25. He also threw 4 ints to make it even worst. Besides that, the defense was getting shredded by Kenan Griffen. They allowed him to run for 117 yards on 19 carries with 1 td. This has definitely become a bigger problem over the season and some changes will need to be made.

The Saints were finally able to pick up some wins this time but is there even a chance at playoffs now. Sitting at 2-6 it seems highly unlikely.