Steelers TC & Ownership

by LipRipper34 | 3 years ago | 1 Comments

Many seasons ago, before becoming a GM & Owner, Mr. Ripper came into the league and joined the staff of the Washington Redskins to finish out a dismal season. They finished 6-10 but Mr. Ripper took over about half way through the season. The next season changed it all as the Redskins went 12-4 but were knocked out in the playoffs. 

"There just wasn't a whole lot of time to make all the adjustments to make a run that year, and other oppurtunities presented themselves so we had to leave the Skins earlier than planned."

The next project was taking over a Bears franchise that had an awful defense. The rebuild took all eight seasons and the defense never really moved up other than in the final season. The offense was always fast paced and scored in the top three every season. Despite putting up over 90 wins in eight seasons, and making two NFC championships, the Bears never took the trophy home. 

"It sucked. We had a really great offense every year but the defense never came together. It was quite a good squad but sometimes the best players don't always result in championships. We did however learn a lot about the game and our opponents and will take that information to Pittsburgh where we have a similar situation. It is a chance to fo things right this time, and not make the same mistakes we did in Chicago." 

The owner did bring with him one piece that they did not have when they started in Chicago. After tearing his shoulder lebrum in the last season, Trent Redmond decided he didn't want to play under any other owner and retired after only six seasons. 

"I tore my shoulder and just wasn't throwing 100% anymore. I built a good relationship with the Ripper family and wanted to start my career in coaching. This chance to learn from Big Ben and that offense is going to help my career, so I took the chance and retired."

"We have plans right now that someday Redmond will be the offensive coordinator, but for now he's going to sit back and learn coaching before he gets handed any official title."

The Steelers have been going through training camp and have had many things stand out. Not all of these things are positive but there are some bright spots they're excited about. 

"Bud Dupree has played really well in practice so far and scrimmages, and we are excited to have him and Shazier work together for a long time. The rest of the defense is going to need leadership and we hope those two bring young fire to drive everyone else." -Mike Tomlin

"We've also had really good contribution from the newly aquired Boykin. It's a huge difference having him and no one is really going to expect him to do things that he can do." -Mike Tomlin

"Ben, Antonio Brown, Bell, all have been amazing. We have to figure out how to use them that fits their play style, but we're going to get there. It's going to be very exciting." -Mike Tomlin

The new owner Mr. Ripper is excited to be home with his lifelong favorite team. This city has a strong bond with its team and is looking forward to having someone who cares a lot about the team for more than just profit.

"Ive been a Steeler fan my entire life, and I am now thankful for getting to make first time mistakes in Chicago. I woudn't want to make those same errors in Pittsburgh, because they'll hurt more knowing I let my hometown down. I can't wait to get started with this group and see where we can go." -Mr. Ripper

The season kicks off as soon as EA gets their ass in gear and puts out a patch, which could be anytime from next Tuesday till August 25th, 2016. We could be here a while, but we are continueing to learn this team in hopes of bringing another title to Pittsburgh.