The Last Hoorah

by HopologyTV | 11 months ago | 2 Comments

MBL Season 23 Super Bowl Oakland Raiders vs Alanta Falcons.  Oakland was a nobody, tormented by bad ownership in the past barely snuck into the playoffs as a six seed.  Then they caught fire, but when the lights came on for the big game they failed miserably.  Now most would call that season a success due to the fact that no one expected them to be there, but for the Oakland fanbase it was just another let down.  Going into MBL season 24 they were not sneaking past anyone, coming in as the projected number one seed during preseason. They finished the season as a 5 seed and were bounced first round of the playoffs by a great Pittsburgh Steelers team.  Now we are here, MBL season 25, no more Carr, Mack is aging, they say Coop has lost a step, no excuses.  This is it, one last hoorah for the MBL Oakland Raiders as they look to finally see the confetti fall and hoist the MBL Super Bowl trophy.

Thru nine weeks the Raiders has posted a 5-3 record with terrible losses to the Jags and Cardinals.  The next three games will make or break Oakland's season with the Rams, Chiefs, and Bengals.  Currently sitting tied with Kansas City for the division with the tie breaker week 11 is a must win.  Kansas City is a team that we felt has been the best team in the MBL for the past three seasons even though they have yet to clinch a title.  

Key word for this run is Consistency.  Yes our offense needs work, yes our defense gives up big plays from time to time, but our main focus  in practice has been becoming consistent.  We believe that it all begins with Jared Goff.  In the past when we had success we limited our turnovers, and controlled the ball.  We made teams beat us, not beating ourselves like we are now. Titus Roth shown what he could do last year posting a 1300+ yard season, but we need to become balanced on offense if we are going to compete with the top teams in MBL.  

"The greatest accomplishment is not in never failing, but in rising again after you fall." This is it, the last chance to hoist a MBL trophy, to make our way into an elite class of MBL members who were good enough to win it.  Its time, stay tuned as Cooper and the Raiders put together their late season push for the playoffs.