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As you can see my blog has gone through a little of a rebranding all ready and the main thing you will notice is it's been renamed due to popular request. It was "DB12's Reports" but now will go on as "The Brawler Report". Now last time I talked about my super bowl predictions and I was wrong as I picked the Steelers to win and the Lions are now 6x champions and your season 28 champions. Besides that it's finally the offseason were teams can change their offense or defense completely. Today I will talk about the major signings that have happened and where I think some remaining players could sign.

Major Signings

Their were 3 big name free agent quarterbacks this year and they include Andrew Luck, Drew Brees, and Carson Wentz. Andrew Luck signed a mega deal with the Ravens making it a 6 year contract worth 165 million dollars. They still have Joe Flacco on the roster but I'm pretty confident Luck will be the starter but can he stay healthy for them. The Eagles got rid of the much younger Carson Wentz and signed a big time vet in Drew Brees on a 1 year deal worth 4.97 million and are hoping he can be a lot more accurate and lead this team to the playoffs. The Chargers made playoffs with a low tier quarterback leading them last season but now have a more developed Carson Wentz and can be a lot more dangerous this season. They signed him to a 4 year deal worth 34.6 million.

Other big signings include the 34 year old Calais Campbell got a 2 year deal worth 29.7 million and in my opinion he was overpayed. Now it could pay off cause he's still a good player but with how old he is and him regressing and I don't know if that was a wise offer. Next the signing is cornerback Aquib Talib on a 1 year deal worth 13.1 million to the Vikings. This is a pretty good move as Talib will bring in that veteran leadership and help a team that's been playoff contenders that last couple seasons.

other notable signings: Harrison smith to the Broncos on a 2 year deal worth 18.8 million, T.Y Hilton to the Jets on a 4 year deal worth 38.4 million, Rodney Hudson to the 49ers on a 3 year deal worth 31.3 million, A.J Green to the Seahawks on a 3 year deal worth 27.9 million.

Players left in free agency

My first Choice to talk about here is Doug Baldwin. I think he's a great route runner, can catch the ball good and is still pretty fast and he hasn't been signed yet. Yes he is getting up there in age being 31 but can still be a starter for some teams. The Texans, Saints, and Falcons could use someone like him whether it's in the slot or the outside as a 2nd receiver but who knows if he will be signed.

Demarco Murray is a free agent this year as he was last free agency also and has not had any meetings with teams so far. Now he's 32 and slowing down and most teams don't like rock see that I need a running back but he can still be used. Teams can use him in the red zone or short yard downs and just out his head down and truck threw. Another veteran that we will just wait and see.

Other notable players: Safety Eric Weddle, Safety Devin Mccourty, linebacker Ryan Kerrigan, QB Phillip Rivers, defensive end Derek Wolfe and more.


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