The Brawler Report

by Darkbrawler | 6 months ago | 1 Comments

Welcome back to the Brawler Report. It's the start of week 5, so I will be talking about which rookies are playing well, what team has surprised the league, and point out some upcoming can't-miss games to watch in Week 5.

Rookies playing good

Let's start at the top, and 1st overall selection QB A.J Baggs. The Rams traded a small fortune to move up and select Baggs, and he has proven to be worth the investment so far. Baggs has completed 76% of his passes and thrown for 1,125 yards (good for 7th in the league!). And if that;s not good enough, add in 8 TDs against only 1 interception. There is no denying he had helped turn this franchise around. But now that teams have some tape to study and can start to make adjustments, will he be able to keep up this production, or will we see him hit the proverbial rookie wall?

Next is the 4th overall selection in the last draft by the Bengals, MLB Bryson Lamb. He is currently 2nd in the league in tackles with 31 (trailing only his teammate Sean Maxwell) and had added 2.5 sacks. Lamb has been impressive for the first quarter of the season and is definitely a superstar in the making.


- Steelers CB Cornelius Bailey -  4 interceptions

- Eagles OLB Austin Nash - 4 sacks

Surprise team

We're going to circle back and talk about the Rams again. Led by Rookie QB Baggs, they are 3-1, after being one of the worst teams in the league in MBL Season 29. But now with Baggs leading the offense, and building on an already strong run game led by Todd Gurley, the Rams are moving the ball, limiting turnovers, and playing well. The defense has been outstanding also. They are 3rd in interceptions, 5th in sacks, and have allowed the 2nd fewest amount of points to the other teams. Playoffs definitely appear to be the goal for this team this year.

Week 5 Games to watch

Jets vs Patriots - The Patriots, season 29 AFC East division winner, are struggling to start this year, starting out a disappointing 1-3. On the other hand. the Jets are off to a better than expected start at 3-1 and looked primed to win the division this year. Will the Patriots wake up and get back in the race, or will a loss to the Jets essentially remove them from division title hopes?

Chiefs vs Cowboys - Both teams come into the game at 3-1 and both seem improved from last season. The Chiefs finished 9-7 last season, and look to improve on that and make the playoffs, perhaps even challenge the Chargers for the division crown. Meanwhile, the Cowboys look turn things around from last seasons disappointment and look to reclaim the division from the Super Bowl defending Giants.