Nemo's Tough Talk

by KFish32 | 6 months ago | 5 Comments

How's it going everyone, it's the one and only Nemo here. Been a long time since I've been called that but the nickname caught on and I think I like it. Anyhow, this is gonna be a new recurring segment from me talking about some happenings around the MBL. I'm personally still working out the kinks of how often and such but for now I figured I would jump on one main team that made it to the postseason, but got knocked out in the first round. While I'm at it, I plan to jump on one related team as well, as both were disappointing. This main team arguably should have moved on to the second round of the playoffs. Without further ado, let's get started on the main team. 


Tennessee Titans

Without a doubt, this team is the biggest disappointment I've seen thus far. Most of the games throughout the playoffs were games that could have gone either way based on previous matchups or pure talent, but this one was not one of those. 

     To give some background, the Tennessee Titans played the Jacksonville Jaguars in the MBL Season 30 Wildcard round of the playoffs where the Jags won by a score of 31-27. The reason this is such a disappointing loss for the Titans is because of their season. Throughout Season 30, the Titans beat the Jags by a total score of 51-13. That's right, 51 to 13. Game one was a Titans victory of 27-0 (!) and game two of regular season was a victory of 24-13. As a matter of fact, in the 13 points that the jags scored, they had 0 offensive TDs. Don't get me wrong, I'm aware that beating ANY team 3 times in one season is difficult, but come on. 51-13? Not giving up a single offensive TD? And then when the situation is most dire you drop the game, and the season, to arguably the one team you SHOULD have beat. It's fine, oh well, things happen and you move on. At least if the Jags advance deep into the playoffs, or better yet the Super Bowl, you have an excuse that you lost to a good team. Well folks that's exacty where it gets better. The Jags rightfully moved on and promptly lost 30-0 to the very powerful Chargers team.

     While on that note, 8 total teams (all of which except the Ravens at 8-8 had losing records) posted doughnuts this year (including postseason) but only two teams posted more than one goose egg; the 7-9 Bills, and you guessed it, the 11-5 Jaguars. A losing record team posting up a fat 0 is much less questionable than a team with a winning record in the playoffs.

     So, yes, the Titans posted an extremely disappointing loss to a team they outscored 51-13, while allowing no offensive touchdowns, who then easily got put out 30-0 by the Chargers. There is no doubt in my mind that with a solid draft this team fires back once again next year looking for a playoff push, but this season was a serious buzzkill for Titans fans.