The Brawler Report

by Darkbrawler | 10 months ago | 1 Comments

It is week 12 in the MBL and I'm back for another edition of The Brawler Report. This week I'm going to talk about a team that is having bounce back season, who I think will win each division, and some week 12 games to watch.

Bounce back team

The Chicago Bears were 4-12 last season and at the bottom of the division. This season they are       9-1-1 and 1st in the division. They are currently up 1 game on the Lions. A big reason to this success is their defense. They are currently 4th in interceptions and 3rd in sacks. The offense has been to great but is playing well enough to win. Running back Josh Kilgore has 11 rushing touchdowns but has ran for under 500 yards. With a top 5 defense and the offense doing what they can, this is the reason for their success.

Division winners

AFC north- Steelers are hard to pick against and are undefeated right now at 10-0

AFC south- The Titans are the same and the favorite to win the division each season. They are 8-2 with the Colts next at 5-5. 
AFC east- The Patriots are 6-4 and lead the division right now but I think the Jets will be at the top at the end. They are only 2 games behind at 4-6 and have a more favorable schedule in my opinion.
AFC west- The Chargers are one of the top teams in the league and are at the top at 8-2. The Broncos follow at 8-3 but the Chargers always win the division even when another team is close.
NFC north- The Bears have been a surprise this year and I'm going with them cause of it. They are 9-1-1 and the Lions are right behind at 8-2. The Bears have a favorable schedule and have the Lions again after beating them earlier in the season.
NFC south- The Saints are the clear favorite right now with the Falcons playing poorly this season. At 7-3 they aren't looking back and will win the division.
NFC east- Same as the Saints, the Giants are the clear winners. They are 9-1 and 4 games ahead of the Cowboys. 
NFC west- Possibly the weakest division in the league, the Seahawks currently lead it at 6-4. The 49ers are winless while the Rams and Cardinals are struggling. The Seahawks will win but possibly at .500 or below.
Week 12 games to watch
First is the Chiefs vs Chargers game. The Chargers beat them earlier in the season but the Chiefs are in a must win situation if they hope to make playoffs. With a loss here they've would fall to 6-5 and 3 games behind them while being 2 games behind the Broncos. If they hope win then they need that elite defense to shine this game. I predict the Chargers win though, 24-17
Next is the Titans vs Steelers game. The Steelers are undefeated at 10-0 and the Titans are at 8-2. This isnt much of a must win situation for either team but a very competitive game. The Steelers could use it though with the Ravens and Steelers close behind. I predict the Steelers win 35-21.