Quarterly Rookie Report (Week 13)

by Tim_84288 | 10 months ago | 0 Comments

The Bad

  1. C. Christian Horn (Steelers) 19 sacks allowed - It just keeps getting worse. Horn has been by far the worst offensive lineman in the MBL this season. His confidence must be shot at this point and he is a major liability for the Steelers championship aspirations this year

  2. QB Wes Schroeder (Eagles) 1,187 yards, 45% comp, 42.5 passer rating, 10 TD 22int - At this point, it's just the organization in Philly that can't get it right at QB.

  3. TE Deandre Mcintosh (Falcons) 13 catches 200 yards 0 TD - 200 yards and 0 TD for a first round pick is unacceptable no matter how you look at it. Mcintosh has played well when the QB actually throws him the ball, but he is currently averaging 1 catch a game…. Need I say anymore?

  4. RG Reed Elway (Jets) 7 sacks allowed - For the sake of having another different rookie in the bad section, Elway has not justified his high pick since he has been unreliable at best in pass blocking. He has however, been decent in run blocking, and has the tools to bounce back next season.

Dishonorable Mentions

  1. QB Marshall Cotchery (Cowboys) - 433 yards 53% comp, 37.2 passer rating, 1 TD & 8 Int

  2. QB Brock Burks (Bengals) - 2404 yards, 58% comp, 60.1 passer rating, 10 TD & 26 Int


The Good

  1. WR Dre Christian (Steelers) 55 catches 1,185 yards & 8 TD - This is just getting stupid now. Not only does Christian have over 1k yards, but Howard has 1300 yards and Arnold has 796 yards. Christian is extremely versatile this season and has been effective whether he has been out wide or in the slot. Christian is still the most likely candidate to win AFC offensive rookie of the year.

  2. WR Lawrence McGowan (Jags) 42 catches 770 yards & 8 TD - McGowan has sadly been just the type of weapon Shirley has needed to have a great season, however the Jaguars still will at least miss the playoffs. McGowan has played great though; and can be considered one of the top 3 WR in a rookie class that has produced some amazing receiving talent this season.

  3. DE Johnathan Kendall (Jags) 21 tackles, 8.5 sacks, 1 FF - Much as I hate having 2 Jags rookies on this list, Kendall definitely has justified his placement on this list with his play this season. His 8.5 sacks is most among rookies; and he has been an utter terror next across from Doman on the defensive line (I speak from experience sadly). Doman and Kendall could become one of the next great defensive lines in the MBL

  4. MLB Nash James (Chiefs) 60 tackles, 3 TFL, 2 Int, 5 deflections, 1 FR - James is already becoming the leader of the Chiefs defense as a rookie. His 60 tackles is tied for 5th most in the league, and he has been an effective user MLB.

  5. CB Josh Kuehl (Giants) 41 tackles, 5 Int, 5 deflections, 1 TD - While Landon Collins is the leader of this Giants defense, Kuehl has quietly had a very good rookie campaign. His 5 interceptions is the most out of any rookie this season, and he has played a huge part in the Giants amazing season in which they have only lost one game.

Honorable Mentions

  1. WR Francis Holloway (Seattle) - 39 catches 753 yards & 5 TD

  2. TE Demarco Moss (Broncos) - 48 catches 810 yards & 4 TD

  3. WR J.T. Lippett (Jets) - 23 catches 505 yards & 2 TD

  4. QB Joe Watson (Browns) - 2613 yards, 64% comp, 91.8 rating, 20 TD & 21 Int