Season 36 Playoff Power Rankings

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Season 36 Playoff Power Rankings


#1 Detroit Lions-

The reigning Super Bowl Champs sit atop the Playoff Power Rankings. Led by a stellar defense and QB Cam Newton. This team has seen its fair share of troubles with Cam Newton struggling to learn the system in Detroit. Through all of that, the Lions still earned the 1st seed in the NFC and home field throughout the playoffs. The Detroit Lions just find ways to win and I think the formula they have know is putting them on a crash course to another Super Bowl appearance and an opportunity to win their 8th Championship.


#2 Kansas City Chiefs-

The #1 seed in the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs have one of the best offenses in the MBL. With a QB like Patrick Mahomes and WRs like Tyreek Hill and Julius Holland I expect nothing less. The question is the same as it has been all cycle with the Chiefs is that will their defense make the plays necessary for playoff success. The Chiefs have struggled under the bright lights in the past and I expect more of the same as I think the Chiefs are still 1, maybe 2 years away from reaching the Super Bowl.


#3 New York Giants-

After beating the Cowboys in Week 17, the Giants won the NFC East and secured the 2nd Seed in the NFC. With the best HB in the MBL in Saquon Barkley and arguably the best pass rush in the MBL, I think this could be the Giants time to make that push, but for that to happen they need their QB to stay healthy, Josh Allen has struggled to stay healthy his whole MBL career and in what may be his greatest opportunity to go and Start in the big game it depends on him to come through for the Giants.


#4 Miami Dolphins-

The most complete team in the AFC, the Dolphins are lead by a balanced passing and rushing attack and also a stellar ball hawking defense. The Dolphins come into these playoffs as many people's favorite to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. At this time the competition in the AFC is at an all time high and for the Dolphins to reach the expectations set by the league, they will have to play flawless football.


#5 Dallas Cowboys-

The Cowboys struggled a lot down the stretch of the Season, but I still have them at #5 because even though they dropped a few games they lost to good teams. Throughout the entire cycle I think this is the most vulnerable the Cowboys have ever been. There is 0 confidence in their QB Dakota Prescott and for good reason. With Zeke Elliott also struggling with injury problems the bulk of the game falls on the Cowboys Defense to make plays.


#6 Carolina Panthers-

The Panthers have done it, they completed the cycle of every team in the NFC South winning the division at least once in the 4 seasons we have played in the MBL and to congratulate them, they have to play an angry Dallas Cowboys team that fell from the 2 seed to the 6 seed after 1 loss. If the Panthers can come out on top of this game it will possibly give them the momentum needed to push towards a Super Bowl appearance.


#7 Indianapolis Colts-

The hottest team in the MBL right now is the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have rattled off 10 straight wins to end the season and not only win their division but obtain the 3rd seed. Momentum is huge in the MBL and creating a winning culture can play dividends in playoff games. I would not be surprised to see the Colts potentially in the AFC Championship game playing for an opportunity at the Super Bowl.


#8 Cincinnati Bengals-

Basically choking away an opportunity at a potential 2nd Seed in the AFC and a bye week to now fall to the 4th seed with a tough matchup ahead against the Patriots in the Wildcard Round. Led by the AFC OROY at QB in Luke Poe, the Bengals will have to not put the game solely in his hands and rely on a Defense that has got them where they are now.


#9 Chicago Bears-

The Chicago Bears defense is the best defense in the MBL. Their pass defense is something that every other team will look to learn something from. Now their offense is a much different story, their offense leaves less to be desired. Marquise Neal may throw for a high completion percentage, but will not take the risks necessary to win games and this is the reason I have no faith in the Bears to make it past the Divisional Round.


#10 New England Patriots-

After failing to defeat the Dolphins for a chance to win the division, the Patriots now fall to the 5th Seed in the AFC. Facing the Bengals in the Wildcard Round who are coming off their first division title of the cycle. The Patriots will have to stick to their guns by staying true to their power run style of offense, combined with a balanced defensive attack and not let the game fall into QB Chuck Thomas’ hands.


#11 New York Jets-

After getting into the playoffs with a win in Week 17, the Jets continue to ride directly on HB Dalvin Cook’s back and into a Wildcard Round matchup against the Indianapolis Colts. In their previous matchup in the Regular Season, Cook was ineffective and for the Jets to win this game they will need to be giving Dalvin Cook a heavy dosage of carries because he could take it all the way anytime he touches the football.


#12 Arizona Cardinals-

The Cardinals winning the NFC West was a bit of a surprised to everyone. After the Seahawks swept the Cardinals in the regular season all hope seemed to be lost for the Cardinals, but the Seahawks choked away an opportunity to play in the playoffs and the Cardinals took full advantage. Playing in what is the weakest division in the MBL, I dont expect much from the Cardinals, but I dont expect them to lie down and give up as they face the Bears in the Wildcard Round. The Cardinals will have to limit turnovers and play lockdown defense to pull this one out.