MBL Season 40 Division Predictions

by CO1ONELSAND3RS | 3 months ago | 2 Comments

With MBL Season 40 just underway, let's take a look at how the B/R team thinks the season will go in each division:


NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys (11-5)

Philadelphia Eagles (10-6)

Washington Redskins (5-11)

New York Giants (4-12)


Going into Season 40, I see two teams built for right now and a few that have brighter seasons on the horizon. With the offensive line as long as Elliott stays healthy will battle with a talented rich Eagles team. The division faces some tough competition against the AFC East this season but could benefit facing the NFC North. Regardless I expect the Cowboys to pull it out and be the difference maker with the ground game as they will be playing in cold weather all season.


AFC East:


New England Patriots (11-5)

New York Jets (10-6)

Miami Dolphins (6-10)

Buffalo Bills (5-11)


An aging Patriots team still has enough talent and veteran leadership to win the division this year. But make no mistake, the Jets are not far behind and they have a much younger roster. While the Dolphins will eventually contend for the division, they still need at least another offseason to fill out their roster accordingly. The Bills will bring up the rear of the division, and will try to decide whether or not Josh Allen can lead this team to much of anywhere.


NFC South:


Atlanta Falcons (12-4)

Carolina Panthers (11-5)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-8)

New Orleans Saints (8-8)


This is the toughest division in the MBL. The Falcons will rely on a stout running game with the dependable receivers when needed to win a lot of games. Their defense is hard hitting and will cause turnovers all season. The Panthers are going to air it out and make DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel studs, it will not be enough to sweep the Falcons though. The Bucs are on a rebuild and will struggle as their young defense molds and their starting QB is Joe Flacco. The Saints have the best team in the NFC, but trades have made them look a little weak. Expect Brees to have a big year and carry this team to at least 8-8.


AFC South:


Houston Texans (12-4)

Tennessee Titans (10-6)

Jacksonville Jaguars (6-10)

Indianapolis Colts (6-10)


The Houston Texans made a couple of major trades that will help them win the AFC South. Pairing TY with DHop will be enough to surpass the talented defenses in the division. The Titans will end 2nd at 10-6. They have a very similar team to the Texans, but don’t have quite the offensive talent to overtake them. Colts and Jaguars have question marks in key positions. While they did improve their LB corps the Colts WR group now lack a true number one WR. QB Nick Foles will lead the Jaguars, his 4th different team.


NFC North:


Green Bay Packers (10-6)

Chicago Bears (9-7)

Detroit Lions (8-8)

Minnesota Vikings (2-14)


I feel like the top 3 teams could switch those records around. I think this division is going to be very tight once we get to the end of the season and could come down to a tie breaker for a playoff berth. This division will likely be between the Bears' Defense and the Packer whale of an offense while Stafford and Cousins fight for scraps.


AFC North:


Baltimore Ravens (12-4):


The Ravens benefit from playing in what could turn out to be one of the least competitive divisions with the most resistance coming from the rival Steelers and pesky Bengals. Their three most difficult games will all be at home and I could see an upset in any of the three though they will likely lose 2 of 3. Aside from that they will play what will likely be the 2nd worst division, the NFC West and the very tough AFC East. They will be fighting for a 1st round bye come December.


Pittsburgh Steelers (8-8):


The Steelers start with a very tough game at New England and before the bye will have two key home division games against the Bengals and Ravens. If they can win those two, I believe they make the playoffs, however they won’t and will likely miss as a result. They do have a favorable middle of the schedule and some 50/50 games late that might could swing things in their favor for a wildcard birth.


Cincinnati Bengals (8-8):


The Bengals have a winnable opening set of games and could head into the bye with a winning record if they take care of their home games. Key division games against the Browns and tough home games against the AFC East (Jets and Patriots) might be the difference between a 6th seed or a forgettable season.


Cleveland Browns (4-12):


The Browns have a tough slate to start the season and the toughest matchups are on the road (Jets and Ravens). The key to the season might actually be their Week 1 matchup with the Titans, a team they need to upset at home to have any hope of keeping pace in the division. They will also need to take care of business with NFC West teams in order to have any hope of the postseason.


NFC West:


Seattle Seahawks (9-7)

Arizona Cardinals (6-10)

Los Angeles Rams (6-10)

San Francisco 49ers (4-12) 


The NFC West will be a slugfest. This division is going to beat up on each other more than any other in the MBL and it’s possible that there isn’t a clear “winner” when it comes to division records. Where the pull away is going to occur is in the out of division schedule. There are more positives than negatives with the Seahawks not only having superstar MLB Bobby Wagner, a top 5 QB in Wilson, and a roster that has playoff experience. I have the #1 overall pick and Kyler Murray having a good year by their standards but coming up short of the playoffs at 6-10. Kyler has some spectacular plays but also some terrible miscues as he takes the year to learn the NFL. The Rams are also going to finish below the .500 mark as they fall to 6-10. While the defense still shows out every week, especially in the division, the MBL has caught onto their stellar offense. Finally the 49ers finish at the bottom again. Kittle is able to have another spectacular year but Jimmy G isn’t what everyone had hoped & prayed for. The defense isn’t much help either as the energetic Quaterbacking in the NFC West is just too much for them to handle.


AFC West:


Kansas City Chiefs (10-6)

Denver Broncos (6-10)

Los Angeles Chargers (4-12)

Oakland Raiders (1-15)


The Chiefs have such a talented offense that features Mahomes and Hill, amongst other, that they should run away with this division, but may have some trouble against opponents outside the division with good defenses. The Broncos have a quality young team that is built on defense, but will lack the firepower necessary to keep up with some other teams, but their future is bright. The Chargers are a quality team, but with Rivers aging, this team will falter, especially if the defense does not keep them in the game. The Raiders will be building for their future this season, as many of their players are on the wrong side of 30, but don't count them out with Antonio Brown leading the Raiders' receiving core.