Houston Texans 90OVR

(4-7-0) O. Scheme: Balanced Offense D. Scheme: Attacking 3-4

Salary Cap: $184.27M Salary Free: $6.96M Salary Spent: $177.31M



























Can Pryor Lead Texans to Division Crown/Playoffs

During the Week 13 matchup against the visting Colts the Texans were dealt a big blow as starter Brock Osweiler went down with was determined to be a torn pectoral muscle.  While at first the team and Brock thought about just playing with a brace it was just not possible.  In came in QB Terrelle Pryor who was just literally signed to the team.  He would come in and lead the team to a close victory, but turn around and stuggle in the week 14 matchup against Atlanta and just l...

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by MrOktoba | 2015-05-06 | 5 Comments

Downward Spiral

After seemingly getting things headed  in the right direction a year ago, the Texans find themselves back to their old habits and the loses are proof of it.  Division winner a year ago they are back to being very average and at times very none competitve.  The rumors of front office and coaching friction are beginning to pick up wind and there are times the players just seem to be not giving their full eff...

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by MrOktoba | 2015-01-30 | 1 Comments

Evans Joins Jordan Brand

Most young athletes today are always looking for ways to expand their brand. The opportunity to expand your brand and get your name out there for not only on the field accomplishments, but off the field are given to a selected few.  Today Houston Texans wideout Barry Evans is taking that next step as it was announced that he will be joining the Jordan brand as one of their brand athletes.   Following in the footsteps of former  running mate Andre Johnson, Evans will get...

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by MrOktoba | 2015-01-13 | 1 Comments

Texans Continue Hunt For Playoff Berth with Rookie QB

After leading the Texans to a close victory over division rival Indianapolis, the Texans have made the decision to continue the season with Rookie quarterback Bret Chilsholm. The former Texas Longhorn did an ok job considering the situation he was asked to step into and the importance of the much needed win. He was used in a game manager role, but going foward can that continue to be the case if Houston wants to elevate it's play?


Coach Philbin has expresse...

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by MrOktoba | 2014-12-25 | 1 Comments

Savage, Texans Offensive Struggles To Blame For Skid

The Texans find themselves facing their biggest challenge of the season. After getting off to a fast start they find themselves struggling to generate anything on offense and at times look lost, out of sync and completely conservative. Quarterback Tom Savage who once looked like the answer at quarterback, is again facing doubts as some of his old habits have begun to rear their ugly head. Over the last stretch of games his decision making has been at times very poor and his accuracy has led t...[ Continue reading ]

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2022 Regular Season Leaders
Passing Cmp Att Yds TD
Connor Cook 183 289 2631 15
Rushing Att Yds Avg TD
Benji Wadsworth 126 528 4.2 5
Taurice Emanuel 4 20 5.0 0
Chris Swain 6 18 3.0 0
Connor Cook 12 4 0.3 1
Lamarcus Rambo 2 1 0.5 0
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TD
Jaelen Strong 42 638 15.2 5
Will Fuller V 33 523 15.8 3
Kolby Listenbee 27 454 16.8 4
Sam Wahle 24 341 14.2 0
Tyler Beachum 24 296 12.3 1
Defense Tackles Sacks FF INT
Nick Beekman 28 0 0 5
Finau Evans 21 0 0 5
Quadir Henry 20 0 0 0
Jadeveon Clowney 19 3 1 1
Tiras Woodard 18 2 1 1
AFC South
Team W L T Pct
Jacksonville Jaguars 8 3 0 0.727
Tennessee Titans 5 6 0 0.455
Houston Texans 4 7 0 0.364
Indianapolis Colts 2 9 0 0.182
Injury Players
Athlete OVR Position Length
Drew Dodge 69 WR 6 Weeks
Athlete OVR Position Type
DeVante Howard 66 WR Released
Dustin Lake 66 C Signed
DeVante Howard 66 WR Signed
C.J. Enis 67 ROLB Signed
Kason Hannah 68 C Signed