OzesSportsCFM Madden 17 League Rules

Advancement times & League Setup
The week will roll forward 72 Hour blocks strictly after the last roll over,
A PM will be sent out upon each weeks commencement.
Coach Mode Only. Created Coaches ONLY

Sportsmanship & General Rules:

The #1 overarching rule to anything is 'DONT BE A DICK'. If there is a question about the application of one of these rules, the default ruling will fall in favour of 'if it means you're being a dick, don't do it'.
Running up the score: When you have a insurmountable lead, good sportsmanship dictates that you should try and kill the game by running out the clock. Sometimes this means things like running the ball 3 downs in a row, and punting back even when you know you could have likely got a first down by passing.

Respect the time your opponent has taken out of their day to play their game, and try and give them some enjoyment too.Treat your opponents with respect. Don't gloat when you win, don't abuse them when you lose.

If your opponent is way behind and not calling time outs – you need to kneel out your final possession within the final two minutes. DO NOT PAD STATS.


Excessive and unrealistic use of hurry up/no huddle is not allowed. If you feel your opponent is abusing no huddle, pause the game and ask him to please play more realistically.

Glitch & Money plays are not allowed. Nano blitzing is not allowed. Running the same plays over and over is un-sim, and is not allowed!

Manually moving players on defense pre-snap is allowed as long as it is not resulting in what would be considered 'nano blitzes'.

Qb rollouts & throwing have been mentioned as an Issue. At this stage you can rollout / scramble out of the pocket and throw near and around the side but If you are caught doing this numerous times & found to be exploiting coverage issues any opponent is encouraged to speak up and there can be action taken.

No manually moving players pre-snap on special teams (FG/XP/Punts) is allowed.
No 'Fourth and Goal' D except on obvious late game hail-mary situations. At all other times, you must rush at least 3 players every play.

Do not do any sort of 'cheat punt that is known to glitch either the blocker or the returner. This includes deliberately short punts to force a fumble from a glitched receiver.

Fake punts/Fake field goals/Fake extra points are only allowed where there is a justifiable and realistic rationale. Essentially, they should only ever be used when you are trailing by <9 points, and the game is tight. If you are getting blown out, or if you have the lead, they should not be used.

QB No Snap Glitch Etiquette: If it is obvious to the opponent if the QB No Snap glitch has occurred. EG) QB cant audible or snap, so the QB will just be standing there doing nothing. the Defence is Expected to Decline the Delay of Game Penalty. If the Snap cant get off due to poor clock management (calling audible too late or motioning players) then the defence can still accept the delay of game penalty.
If you accidentally accept penalty when you shouldn't have, commit an encroachment penalty on the next play to compensate.

"No manual bumping of Route Runners (WR/TE/HB) off their routes when 5 yards past the LOS (as per official NFL rules). This may not be an issue with the penalties being turned up in Madden 17, however, it is has been an exploit in the past and is not allowed.


All trades must be written in this thread: http://www.ozesports.net.au/Thread-OzeSports-Madden-17-PS4-League-Official-Trade-Proposals

All trades must be approved, which means having at least 3 ticks posted IN THE THREAD.
There are 5x Admin and there may also be DSD, Aooi, & or Zimmers helping as Trade Mods

Any trades which are made without approval will result in punishment at Admin discretion. Approval means having an Admin write on your post in the trade thread with either a Correct or Incorrect . If an Admin approves your trade through the chat box or other means (ie. PM), you must modify your original post to include the quote of what they have said about the trade.

Confidence Resets:

Confidence will be reset for all teams prior to Week 1. Doing this brings all players below 50 confidence, up to 50. Players with more than 50 confidence are unaffected.
Mid-season confidence resets for individual teams will not occur. We will revisit this after Season 1 to determine if it is something that might be needed.

Player Position Changes:

Following are the ONLY position changes allowed in the franchise. Any position changes made that aren't in the following list, will result in punishment, specifically having to cut the player:
O Line can be changed to anywhere along O Line
D Line can be changed to anywhere along D Line
OLB to DE and vice versa
MLB to OLB and vice versa
FS to SS and vice versa

4th Down Rules:

General 4th down rules:

Inside your own 40 yard line, must punt on 4th down
Between your own 40 and your opponents 40, can go for 4th and 1 unless up by 7 points or more.
Between your opponents 40 yard and 10 yard line, can go for 4th and 2 unless up by 5 points or more
In 4th and goal situations, can go for 4th and 4 when losing. When winning, must attempt the FG
Blow-out exception: If you are getting absolutely blown out (losing by 4+TDs), you can go for any reasonable 4th down, but try and keep it sim.

Fourth Quarter 4th down rules
In the last 4th quarter, can go for any 4th down when losing.
In the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter, in 4th and goal situations can go for 4th and 4 when losing or when the game is tied.

Overtime 4th down rules
In 'next score wins' scenarios in OT, can go for any 4th down.

Team/Roster management:
Trades made between teams need to be realistic, and all trades need a majority of admins to approve them (3/5) before they can be processed.
Include AGE, POS, OVR and a link to the attributes of players involved in trades in the trade subforum.

Every team must have a full 53 man roster in addition with your 10 practice squad players for the entire season, not including players on IR. No more running a barebones 42 man roster to circumvent the salary cap is allowed.

FA signings/Practice squad:
As a base rule you are only allowed to sign ONE player per Madden week. On commencement of the regular season we will be having a FA Draft, this will account for one of your FA signings.

Post you Additions to the 53 Man Roster:

Treat players from practice squads as FA. If you wish to sign a player from another teams practice squad to your active roster it will account for one of your FA signings for the week. This will be heavily monitored!

Cutting/Re-signing players to get them on cheaper contracts is strictly prohibited!
If a team cuts a 'high value' player, such as a starting QB, it is up to the admins discretion to say that this player is not to be signed by any teams until the admins can determine why he was cut.

Teams that make the Conference Championships/Super Bowl are NOT allowed to bid on any players above 80 OVR in the offseason Free Agency bidding.

Cap/Resigning Rules:
Maximum contract length is 4 years, unless the player is asking for more.
It is pretty easy for us to tell (by Overall Rating) which players would/wouldn't be asking for deals longer than 4 years. Take a screenshot (using the built in Share functionality on the PS4) for contracts offered longer than 4 years. Any 5+ year contracts offered/accepted will require screenshot evidence, showing that the player asked for long contract.
The purpose of this rule is to prevent players from Back Loading contracts into seasons that we won't even get to (we typically complete around 5 seasons). It also assists in increasing the Free Agency pool.
Contracts that seem suspicious, and you cannot provide evidence for, may result in punishment (such as cutting the offending player). If you are resigning someone and are unsure, ask the Admin via PM!

Drop Outs and Disconnections:
If there is a disconnection, you can only get a free win if the losing player disconnects. Otherwise, it leaves the possibility for people who have a big lead to "disconnect" in the 3rd and claim their win.

You get the win if you lead by:
28+ points in the 3rd
21+ in the 4th
17+ in the final 2 mins
Also, if you are in a position where it is impossible to lose, you get the win.
Eg: if you are in a position to kneel out the game for the win, the margin is irrelevant.

It has been rare that two League Members have not been able to resolve an issue between themselves when disconnections occur. If there is a disconnection and you really think you are entitled to a win, and the scenario falls outside the ones mentioned here, send the League Admin a PM and we will deal with it.

CPU Games:
When playing against the CPU for whatever reason, the following rules & guidelines apply;

CPU games are not an excuse to stat-whore. Any unrealistic or excessive stats generated in a CPU game may be susceptible to warning or punishment.

You may restart as many times as needed to get the win. But with that in mind there is no excuse for any sort of stat-whoring.

If you choose not to play the CPU it will be a normal sim.

We are trying to limit the blown out sim games that occur when a win is forced.

Punishments for breaking rules are solely at the discretion of admins, and can include things like players being suspended from your roster, forfeiture of draft picks, and bans from the league