Terrible start to the season these past six weeks in Houston. Sitting 3rd in the division at 2-4 behind the Jags and Colts is mind blowing. Owner Trey Reese stated after the loss to the Bills.....” Our team is lacking something. I can’t put my hand on it right now. But something has to change fast.”[ Continue reading ]

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In what can be considered the worst start to a season for the club, the Philadelphia Eagles have lost four straight games to start the season. If that wasn't bad enough they are 6th in Interceptions thrown, have the least rushing yards out of backs with 45 or more carries, no rushing tds, and have only intercepted 2 balls on defense. Hopefully this team can get some momentum going soon otherwise this is making out to be a very embarrassing season. Lets hope things get better in week 5 as they ta...[ Continue reading ]

The falcons came out and beat the eagles week one.

not much action to talk about, was a hard fought low scoring game with both teams adjusting to the updated rules and gameplay 

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It was a bittersweet opening day at Lincoln Financial Field as the Eagles opened up against the Atlanta Falcons. Bitter because it resulted in a close loss but sweet as we got to enjoy seeing our Eagles play again. Both teams had high points and low points but it was the lack of a run game and numerous dropped picks that ultimately lead to the Eagles demise as they lost the game 13-7. They hope to have better luck next week as they head to Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers.[ Continue reading ]

First game against a tough opponent will always highlight your team's flaws & that was just the case when the Seahawks battled the Broncos. The Broncos struck first on the opening play of the game with a 75 yard touchdown throw to Thomas but that did not shake the hawks confidence. The offense answered back with a long drive that was capped off by a 1 yard touchdown run by Mike Davis. The defense was not at it's best Sunday giving up 381 passing yards but there were some bright spots. Rookie Sha...[ Continue reading ]

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