1. RZL Structure

    1.01 - Mission Statement
    The primary goal of the RZL is to compete and have fun! The RZL was created and founded in November 2016 by Erick Edwards to provide a unique SIM environment where users can become owners and build their team through drafting, development, free agency, and trading with other users just like the NFL. Positivity and good sportsmanship go a long way, on and off the field. At the end of the day we all have to remember that Madden is just a game. Trash talk and humor keeps things fresh and fun, but always remain respectful to everyone, including yourself, on and off the Madden gridiron.

    1.02 - League Staff & Committees
    There will be various Committees put in place to handle various tasks. The Committees (and their roles) are as follows:

    Commissioner's Office
    The Commissioner's Office is responsible for establishing rules & processes, reviewing Owner performance, communicating amendments & deadlines to the league members, moderating the forums and the daily operation of the league.

    Trade Committee
    The Trade Committee consists of 5 members, who are responsible for evaluating every incoming trade. It is not the job of the Trade Committee to prevent teams from “winning” or “losing” trades, but rather to only prevent trades that could hurt the integrity of the league. For a trade to pass, there needs to be a 3 YES votes. The Trade Committee will always approach the parties of a rejected trade to give them the opportunity to rework the deal in question.

    Redzone League Player's Association (RZLPA)
    The RZLPA will consist of 3 individuals voted on by the entire league. Each member will serve 1 term which is 1 season. The RZLPA will hear all appeals regarding player suspensions. The RZLPA can vacate, reduce, or uphold a player suspension that is handed down from the Commissioner's Office.

    Competition Committee
    The Competition Committee will consist of 3 or more members who are responsible for reviewing all possible rule violations in RZL games. The Competition Committee will have the power to hand out suspensions which are backed back the Commissioner's Office.

    1.03 - League Schedule
    All owners should be able to commit to at least three games per week.  The league will advance every 48 hours at 9 PM EST. We will only advance if all games are played early or if games are not scheduled. There will be times where advance may be longer than 48 hours due to holidays or the Commissioner’s discretion.

    Advancing before 48 hours
    There will be times where there is a possibility we will advance earlier than expected. If majority of games are played, the Commissioner has a right to advance early. If this happens, injuries will be turned off and all games remaining will be a fair sim.

    Flexible Scheduling
    Starting in Week 12 until the end of the regular season, the league has a right to advance to the next week if all teams that are fighting for a playoff spot has played their game. If games between non-playoff teams are not scheduled, we will advance to the next week.

    Flex Scheduling (Non-Playoff Team playing games) - If you are a non-playoff team playing against a team that is in the playoffs, it will be required for you to play the game. Making the playoffs should be earned and not given to people on a silver platter. If you miss multiple games, you have the possibility of being removed.

    All games are to be scheduled within 24 hours. For example, we advance on Sunday at 9PM. That means by Monday at 9PM, your game should be scheduled to be played. Make sure to use time slots when scheduling. You may tell your opponent "I am free from 4 pm to 7 pm tonight and 6 am to 3 pm tomorrow" etc. If you fail to give a time frame when you are available to your opponent within 24 hours, you can be put on auto or be given the force loss.

    It is essential that everyone respect each other’s schedule. If you agree on a time make sure you show up or let your opponent know in advance that something came up. If you miss a scheduled time you will be auto’d/given the force loss.

    If you and your opponent can not figure out a time within 24 hours please contact one of the commissioners with proof of contact and we will get it sort it out or put your opponent on auto/give the force loss.

    If you or your opponent needs to be put on auto, please notify someone from the Commissioner’s Office through a direct message so that one of us could do that for you. We prefer that you notify us within the first 24 hours after advance instead of at the very last minute so it gives you time to play your game and it gives us time to put you or your opponent on auto. Notifying us after 24 hours can put your game in danger of being a Fair Sim.

    Your game will be a fair sim for the following reasons
    - If you and your opponent can not agree to a set time, your game will be a fair sim.
    - If you are available and your opponent is not and you fail to contact us in the first 24 hours, your game will be a fair sim.
    - If you cannot play the CPU, your game will be a fair sim.

    1.04 - Game Disconnections
    If the game disconnect in the 1st or 2nd quarter, you must restart the game from scratch and give points back.

    If the game disconnects at any point during the 3rd or 4th quarter, the person winning at the time can decide if they want to mock the game back to where it was when it disconnected . If they don't want to, they must restart the whole game from scratch. If the game is tied at the time of disconnection, the game must be restarted from scratch.

    If the game disconnects in the 4th quarter and your opponent has a 14+ lead, they will automatically receive the force win. If the game is tied in the 4th quarter, the game must be restarted from scratch. If a disconnect happens in the last two minutes of the game, whoever was winning at the time will receive the force win.

    NOTE:  Now as for re-staging/mocking:

    You DO NOT just throw 80-90 yards TD's and run for 80-90 yards all in a quarter or two to get the score back nor do you just run back punt or kickoff returns. You also do not run kickoffs, INTs, or fumbles backwards just to get extra yards for your players. That is padding stats , and will be punished accordingly.

    *If members are found to have purposely disconnected games to avoid a loss they will be punished by the league and possibly removed as an owner of their team.
    *If a player gets injured during the game and the game disconnects, that player will be ineligible to play during the restart. If you player sustains an injury that will cause him to miss multiple weeks, he will be benched to serve out the injury.

    1.05 - Restarts
    If you notice that you are lagging within your first two offensive possession you may request for a restart. After your first two offensive possessions, you must continue on with the game as is.
    If there were points scored before the restart, you must spot the points back.

    1.06 - League Settings
    User / CPU
    QB Accuracy: 42/35
    Pass Blocking: 58/40
    WR Catching: 50/45
    Run Blocking: 50/40
    Fumbles: 55/55
    Reaction Time: 54/45
    Interceptions: 30/30
    Pass Coverage: 56/45
    Tackling: 56/52
    FG Power: 50/50
    FG Accuracy: 35/35
    Punt Power: 50/50
    Punt Accuracy: 50/50
    Kickoff Power: 55/55

    Offside: 59
    False Start: 56
    Offensive Holding: 56
    Defensive Holding: 64
    Face-mask: 52
    Illegal Block In The Back: 50
    Roughing The Passer: 50
    Defensive Pass Interference: 60
    Offensive Pass Interference: On
    Kick Catch Interference: On
    Intentional Grounding: On
    Roughing The Kicker: On
    Running Into The Kicker: On

    User Settings
    Coaching Tips - OFF
    On Field Visual Feedback - OFF
    Tutorial Pop-Ups OFF
    Ball Carrier Special Moves - MANUAL
    Defensive Auto Strafe - OFF
    Defensive Ball Hawk - OFF
    Defensive Heat Seeker Assist - OFF

    Other settings you may change based on your own preference. If you suspect your opponent is using Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker, or auto strafe during the game, Contact them during the game and let them know. They MUST show their in game settings immediately after the game. THIS MEANS DO NOT LEAVE THE END OF GAME SCREEN!!!

    You must be able to stream to show that you have the settings off. If you can't stream then you need to go live on FaceBook or find a way to stream. Taking a picture is not proof enough.

    If you leave the end of game screen by accident, on purpose, or refuse to show your settings, you will be on auto for 2 games.

2. General Manager Expectations

    2.01 - Responsibilities & Requirements
    The Commissioner's expects that every Owner be an active member of our community. You are expected to check in frequently and participate in all league activities. You are also expected to treat other Owners with dignity and respect, thus upholding the league’s reputation. We encourage a competitive environment here, but that does not exempt anyone from these responsibilities.

    Must own the latest copy of Madden for the PS4
    Must meet all roster and cap requirements weekly.
    Must respond to all on-site PM’s in a timely manner.
    Must cast a vote in all Official League Polls.
    Must participate in all aspects of team management.
    Must let someone from the Commissioner's office know if you will be unavailable for 3 consecutive days.

    2.02 - RZL Discipline
    If at any time you break a rule that is listed in the rule book, the Commissioner’s Office will take action and will suspend player/players or suspend the Owner depending on the offense. Below are the actions that we can take.

    - Warning (If the Commissioner’s Office feels like it’s nothing major)                                                         
    - 4 Game Suspension for 1st Offense
    - 8 Game Suspension for 2nd Offense
    - 12 Game Suspension for 3rd Offense

    Below is the process on how the Commissioner's Office picks which player to suspend: (NOTE:If the rule book has a stated punishment for the rule broken, we will go will that instead of doing this method.)

    Each position group will be assigned a number as follows:
    QB - 1
    RB - 2
    WR - 3
    DB - 4
    LB - 5
    DL - 6
    OL - 7

    A random number generator will decide which position group we will suspend from.

    If you decide to break a rule knowingly or unknowingly in a playoff game, a game that has playoff implications, or in a game that determines the winner in the division, the punishment will be harsh and will be determined by the Commissioner.

    If you knowingly or unknowingly decide to start a suspended player or if the suspended player has any stats in the game, the suspended player will have an additional 8 games added to his original suspension and another player will be suspended for 4 games.

    All player suspensions must be served against another user.

    Player Suspensions can be appealed to the RedZone League Player's Association (RZLPA)

    Force Wins/Force Losses counts towards a player suspension. (They still need to be on the bench.)

    2.03 - Removal From The League
    The Commissioner of the RZL has a right to remove any user from the league for the following reasons:

    - Quitting/Rage Quitting a game
    - Not playing 5 games in a season
    - Lashing out at other users and/or personal attacks that’s not in a fun nature
    - Your negative actions continue after a suspension
    - Commissioner's Discretion

    2.04 - Sportsmanship
    You are allowed to be beat you opponent by 35 or more points.

    If you are winning by 35 points or more in the 4th quarter, you must start your backup QB, RB, WR, TE, DL, LB, CB, S. If your opponent brings the deficit within 17 points, you are allowed to put your starters back in the game.

    Do not excessively run commit when your opponent is chewing clock to end a blow out game.  If the game is out of reach, the losing team is expected to play with dignity. This means no run commits and/or calling time outs just to get the ball back and heave a few downfield for a garbage time score.  If time outs are called that means the game is still being played competitively so the winning team is free to call whatever offense they like to gain yardage and first downs to the end the game.

3. Team Roster Management

    3.01 - Trading
    Here are the guidelines for trading in the RZL:

    All Teams are allowed 2 trades per season with 1 extra trade being allowed at the trade dealing for a total of 3 trades. Trades are not official until both parties agree within DaddyLeagues and the trade receives acceptance from the Trade Committee.

    No team is permitted to exceed the Max Cap Penalty of 15M.

    You may not trade rookies or player that you just signed that season

    The official RZL Trade Deadline is the Week 9.

    The Commissioner's Office has the right to overrule the Trade Committee and deny any trade that has been approved.

    3.02 - Releasing Players
    Teams may release any number of players prior to the transaction deadline each week, but must maintain all minimum roster requirements and does not exceed the cap penalty limit.

    You are not allowed to release injured players and you are not allowed to release players serving a suspension.

    You are not allowed to release players rated 85+ in the regular season.

    3.03 - Practice Squad
    You are not allowed to sign a player from someone's practice squad and place them on your practice squad. They must remain on your active roster.

    3.04 - Rookie Draft
    Each RZL team is allowed to hold a maximum of 10 draft picks for an upcoming draft. You may not have more than 5 picks in the first 2 rounds and you may only have 2 1st round picks. This means at the most you can have 2 first round and 3 second round picks.

    3.05 - Position Changes
    You are allowed to do the following position changes:
    - FB to TE or TE to FB
    - OL to any OL
    - DL to any DL
    - LB to any LB
    - LB to DE or DE to LB
    - CB to S ONLY if he has 90 speed or less. (90 speed max)
    - FS to SS/ CB
    - SS to FS
    - K to P or P to K

    If you would like to do a position change that is not listed here, please contact your Conference President for approval.

    If you move a player to a position without meeting the requirements or getting approval, the player will be suspended for the remainder of the season and must be switched back the following year.

    3.06 - Players Playing Out Of Position
    You are NOT allowed to have a WR in the TE spot on the depth chart.
    You are NOT allowed to have a HB in the FB spot on the depth chart.
    You are NOT allowed to have a TE in the WR spot on the depth chart.
    You are NOT allowed to have a DB in any LB spot on the depth chart.

    3.07 - Player Confidence
    Teams with losing records that hire a new GM/Owner at any point of a season will get their player's confidence reset back to 50, as the players and franchise welcome the change. It will be a GM responsibility to ask for it.

4. RZL Contracts

    4.01 - Pre-Season Free Agency
    You are allowed to sign 1 70+ Offensive Player and 1 70+ Defensive Player during each week of the Pre-Season. You can sign as many players as you please that are 69 OVR and lower. Signing a kicker counts as a offensive player. Signing a punter counts as a defensive player.

    4.02 - Regular Season Free Agency
    Teams are allowed to sign Free Agents on a first come, first serve basis.

    If you sign a free agent that is on someone's practice squad, they must remain on your active roster. You are not allowed to place that player on your practice squad.

    4.03 - Re-Signing  Players
    Teams may not offer deals to players that is less than their asking price. If they want 2 years 10 mil you must give them AT LEAST the 5 mil per year that they are asking for. Failure to adhere will result in release of that player without cap penalty clearing.

    4.04 - Pre-Draft Free Agency
    All bids tendered to free agents must be at least 50 points or higher. Failure to adhere will result in release of that player without cap penalty clearing.

5. Progression/Regression

    5.01 - Progressing Physical Attributes
    You are only allowed to increase a players speed, agility, or acceleration rating by a max of 2 points.
    You are only allowed to increase a players Throw Power and Kick power by a max of 2 points.

    Failure to adhere to this will cause that player rating to revert back to the original ratings plus a 4 game suspension.

    5.02 - WR Run Blocking
    You are only allowed to to increase a WRs run block to the maximum of 70. Failure to adhere to this will cause that player rating to go down 10 points plus a 4 game suspension.

    5.03 - CB Block Shed
    You are only allowed to increase a CBs block shed rating to the maximum of 68. Failure to adhere to this will cause that player rating to go down 10 points plus a 4 game suspension.

    5.04 - QB THP Regression
    We will not be following Madden's regression system for QBs. Starting at age 29, QBs will start to lose -2 to their THP and other attributes. We will be reversing the regression affects to QBs THP between the ages of 29-32. Once your QB hits 33, he will continue to lose THP until he retires.

    *Back-up QBs will not be eligible for this. QBs who started games will only be eligible for this.

    5.05 - Player Regression
    All players between the ages of 29-32 who makes the pro-bowl will have their regression effects reversed.

6. Owner Mode Functions

    6.01 - Franchise Pricing
    All GM’s/Owners are responsible for managing their own team’s finances. You will have full control over your team’s pricing (Parking, Merchandise, Advertising, Concessions, and Tickets). Your goal each and every year must be to make your franchise as much money as possible.

    6.02 - Owner Relocation
    If you want to relocate your franchise, you must post a poll and win with 75% of the vote to relocate your franchise. This means you need 24 yes votes to move your franchise. If your request to move to a different city is denied, you may not request to move again until the following season.

    6.03 - RZL Supplemental Writing Program
    The RZL Commissioner's will now pay all GMs for their extra work to the league and contributions to articles. The league will add revenue to a franchise for writing articles and promoting the league. If you want to continue to be active in the RZL, we will continue to pay you for it. Please use this feature of the RZL and enjoy the league to its fullest.

    If you write at least 16 articles in a season, you get 20M in funds at the end of the year.
    If you write at least 8 articles in a season, you get 10M in funds at the end of the year.
    If you write at least 4 articles in a season, you get 5M in funds at the end of the year.

    This is not a requirement to do. This is an added feature for teams struggling to make money for their franchises.

    6.04 - League MVP Award
    League MVP will now be chosen by the league to show who the most valuable player. The Commissioner’s Office will pick the top 5 candidates at the conclusion of week 17. Leading up until the Super Bowl, the league will vote on these 5 candidates with the winner being announced prior to the Super Bowl. In the case of a split decision, the Commissioner’s Office will cast their votes between the top 2 candidates to determine the winner)

    Everyone is required to vote. Failure to vote will result in a player suspension or being put on auto.

    6.05 - RZL GM of the Year Award
    This award is similar to the coach of the year in Madden. The Commissioner's Office will pick the top 5 candidates at the conclusion of week 17. Leading up until the Super Bowl, the league will vote on these 5 candidates with the winner being announced prior to the Super Bowl. In the case of a split decision, the Commissioner’s Office will cast their votes between the top 2 candidates to determine the winner)

    Everyone is required to vote. Failure to vote will result in a player suspension or being put on auto.

    6.06 - Team Funds
    If you would like to add money to your team's funds, you can send a league a donation to receive the same amount that you donated. The minimum amount that you must donate is $5.

    For example, if you donate $5, you will receive 5M in team funds. If you donate $50, you will receive 50M in team funds.

7. Game-Play Rules

    7.01 - Custom Playbooks
    Custom Playbooks are banned from being used in the league. If your opponent requests you to show your playbook before the game, you must show him your playbook.

    7.02 - FB Dive
    You are allowed to do 2 FB dives per game

    7.03 - QB Sneak
    QB Sneaks are banned. However, you are allowed to run QB Power, QB Draws, etc.

    7.04 - Play-Maker
    You are not allowed to use play-maker on your WR/TE/RB

    7.05 - Screens
    You can only run 5 total screens per game. This includes HB Screens, HB Motion Screens, WR Screens, TE Screens, and FB Screens .

    7.06 - Rush Rule (RB Minimum Carries)
    The Running Back group must rush the ball 10 times. QB Runs does not count. WR and FB runs will count towards your total.

    7.07 - Goal line Formation
    Goal line offense can be used inside the 10 on your side of the field as well as your opponents

    7.08 - Hot Routes
    You are only allowed 2 hot routes per play. You are not allowed to hot route two receivers on a route.

    - You are not allowed to use max protect. You must manually block the 2 people who you want to stay in and block.
    - You are allowed to hot route 1 receiver and block your TE or RB.

    7.09 - WR/CB Interaction
    You are not allowed to switch to a WR after a pass and use him to bump off the CB to catch the ball.

    7.10 - 4th Down
    You can go for it on 4th down for the following reasons:

    - Anytime you cross the 50 yard line and it is 4th and 1 or shorter
    - If you are down by 21 points you may go for it in any quarter anywhere on the field as long as it is 4th and 10 or shorter.
    - If you are down by 9+ in the 4th quarter you may go for it in any situation
    - If you are losing in the 4th with 4 minutes left by any amount of points you may go for it
    - If the game is in overtime you may go for it at any time.

    7.11 - Special Teams
    You will be allowed to kick out of bounds on your side of the field. The ball must bounce once in bounds before going out of bounds. You are allowed to punt the ball out of bounds if you are the 50 or in your opponents territory.

    Onside Kicks
    - 3rd Quarter down by 21 or more
    - 4th Quarter down 9 or more
    - 4th Quarter with 4 minutes or less and losing

    Field Goal and Punt Fakes
    You are allowed to do only 1 random fake per game.

    7.12 - No Huddle
    No Huddle is allowed but limited.
    - You may use no huddle no more than 5 plays in a row.
    - You may use no huddle in the final 2 mins of each half (2 min drill).
    - You may not run no huddle if you are winning by more than 10 points unless you are trying to get a score in the last 2 mins of first half.   

    7.13 - Milking/Chew Clock
    Milking the Clock is not allowed. You should hike the ball within a reasonable amount of time. If once in awhile you run the clock down because you are making adjustments that is understandable. But you must be doing something, not just simply running clock.

    Chew clock may be turned on any time you are up by 21 points. If your opponent cuts the lead you must turn it off. Chew clock also can be turned on in the last 3 mins of the first half and the last 3 mins of the game.

    7.14 - Going for 2
    You can go for the 2 point conversion if you are trying to do the following:

    - If you missed your previous PAT
    - Tie game
    - Reduce deficit to 3, 7, 8, 11, or 16 pts
    - Increase lead to 3 or 7 pts
    - Win game when less than 20 sec remain

    7.15 - Pre-Snap/D-Line
    You can move 1 defensive player manually before the snap. (Once you move the player you must stay on him until ball is snapped).

    You may not take a Safety or CB or LB any further than the normal MLB depth. This prevents folks from jamming players into the DL to abuse AI. 

    7.16 - Play-Calling
    No repetitive play calling while you are on offense. Mix it up as they do in the NFL. No offensive play should be called 5 or more times at any point in a game.

    No repetitive play calling while you are defense. Mix it up. I understand you can't switch man coverage up much but your zones and blitzes should vary. All teams must run at least 10 man coverage's in a game.

    7.17 - Running With the QB/QB Roll Out
    Realistic QB movement is expected. We do not want to see drop backs deeper than 10 yards or unrealistic QB running. Rolling out is fine when the blitz is coming but be aware of pre-determined roll outs, they aren't common in the NFL.

    If you decide to roll out with your QB as soon as the ball is snapped OR under no pressure from the defense, you are not allowed to throw a pass. You must continue running with your QB or throw the ball out of bounds.

    If you are in the pocket (between the tackles) for longer than 3 seconds, you are allowed to roll out and complete a pass.

    If there is pressure on your QB, you may roll out of the pocket and complete the pass.

    If you pick a play with a designed roll out in it, you may roll out of the pocket and complete the pass.

    7.18 - CPU Stat Limitations
    QB - 400 Yards 4 TDs
    HB - 25 Attempts, 150 Yards, 3 TDs
    WR - 10 Catches, 200 Yards, 3 TDs
    DE/LB - 3 Sacks

    7.19 - Play Action Passing
    You cannot run play-action on 3rd down if you have more than 10 yards to go for a first down.

    You are not allowed to pick a play that has play-action in it and cancel it. This means that you can not block the running back.

    Play-Action is limited to 10 times per game.

    7.20 - Icing the Kicker
    If you decide to kick the game winning field goal and your opponent decides to ice you, you are not allowed to pick another play. You must come out and attempt to kick the field goal.

    If your opponents calls timeout to ice your kicker, you are not allowed to call timeout. This cancels the effect of icing the kicker.

    The penalty for this is that the owner will be placed on auto and be given a force loss.

    7.21 - Playing the CPU
    You may decide to play the CPU if you don't want to take a force win. You may only play the CPU only once and you MUST stream the game. You are not allowed to sim any parts of the game.

    7.22 - Streaming
    Every game must be streamed. The home team should always stream. If the home team is unable to stream, the AWAY team can stream.  It is mandatory that all GMs save their archives on twitch. This can be used for game-planning purposes and/or reviewing complaints

    7.23 - Stopping The Clock
    You are not allowed to hurry up to the line of scrimmage and immediately hike the ball and then press R3 to throw the ball out of bounds.

    7.24 - Edge Rushing
    You are not allowed to take your Defensive End or Edge Rusher and run him around the Offensive Tackle. He must engage the tackle and work a move to go outside

    7.25 - Base Align
    Base Aligning is no longer allowed.

    7.26 - Personnel Matching
    You must be +- 1 cb vs. wrs in regards to defensive play calling EXCEPT for 3rd downs (coaches decision)

    7.27 - User Defense
    If you are in man or zone coverage and you commit to a WR/TE/RB route by only pressing R2 or not strafing (using L2), you must continue to stay on that person. You are not allowed to follow that receiver and jump back to playing your zone.

The RZL League Rules are subject to change at any time, at the discretion of the Commissioner’s Office.

Last Updated:April 5th, 2017