**Destiny League Staff**
The following are staff members for Destiny and can be contacted about any dispute, question or comment.
- Commissioner:  Big Suge Knight - Recruiting & Trades
- Admin: MisfitCircusInc - Roster Management
- Admin: Doughboy0515 -Scheduling
- Admin: DK - Media
- Admin: BLabelle127 - Gameplay

User Role: Created Owner (Not Active Owner)

Game Skill: All-Madden (Default at launch)
Quarter Length: 7 minutes

Accelerated Clock: 17 seconds

Game Speed: Normal

Injuries: On
Pre-Existing Injuries: Off

Fill Roster: Off (Prevent cpu from unwanted roster moves)

Discord: Yes

DaddyLeagues: Yes

Twitch/Mixer Streaming: Yes.  Away Team
72 Hour Advances or after last scheduled game12

Discord: Discord App is a requirement for the league it is the communication device of choice for the Destiny. Be sure to check daily for updates and remain active on it.

Daddy Leagues: The main statistical site for Madden.

Streaming(Twitch or Mixer):  All games must be streamed, including CPU games. AWAY TEAM is required to stream unless it has been confirmed the home team will stream instead.  Both teams will be held accountable for making sure game is streamed. 
Members that do not stream games will be subject to league penalties up to removal. Stream must be archived.