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spagoo on 2016-04-21 18:58:35
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The Show Community is desperate for guide to the Diamond Dynasty mode. I want to contribute and I'm going to lean on the experts here for additional tips. I think a lot of things go over your head when you first open DD and watch tutorials that are geared towards marketing more than giving you real strategies.
Please share your tips for collecting better cards, more stubs, tickets, missions, etc.

I have transferred my worth of Hockey Ultimate Team (EA NHL 16) coins to Paypal, and then into about 100,000 Stubs. I don't really know exactly what to do with them so I have been researching.
So first lets define what the concept of Diamond Dynasty is. It's a fantasy team. You want to have the best players on your squad. The sky is the limit, you can pull together as many 99 Overall players as there are under the sun. So your mission is to get there. But take my advice, the journey is more enjoyable than the view from the top...because everyone is throwing high-stinky cheese at your head when you're on the top.
So how do you get the best cards?


•Opening Packs - This is the laziest way to do it. Only luck will benefit you. You will notice people posting Diamond Players on this thread in "Pack Open Threads." Beware, your odds of pulling a Diamond player in a pack are less than 1/10,000. It is generally advised that you use your stubs for more sure ways of improving your team. This can be expensive, it can be addictive.

You will get one random card after every game. Good luck.

Inside Edge provides MLB The Show with Daily Roster updates. Players with favorable matchup ratings will receive a boost in stats. Players with bad matchup ratings will receive a loss in stats. On bad days, card values are down. On good days, they are up. This involves planning, a great depth of knowledge about matchups and schedules in real life, and good luck. If you catch a player who gets hot against a certain pitcher IN HIS DIVISION keep it in mind. Next time they are going to face, buy him at a lull a few days before and sell him at a high when his Inside Edge is a 5 star rating to turn profit. It takes time and patience, but a lot of people turn some serious investments. Keep track of buy/sell prices with a spreadsheet.


•Completing Collections - This is a card collecting game. Tier 1 Collections unlock great items for your team as you are beginning your journey. Your mission is to collect 25 player items for a team. Go to the market and either Buy or create a Buy Order for 25 players. The great thing is that each team has more than 25 players, you only need the 25 most affordable players to unlock the reward.

This is an incredible resource for collecting cards with daily updates on card values so you can optimize your spend.


Be smart about the order in which you pursuit collections. Start with the Orioles as they are the cheapest. Once you have collected 25 of their cards, go to the Missions screen in DD. Find the Orioles under Collections and check progress, it will confirm you have 25/25 cards. If you do, you can redeem your rewards (a few stubs, a few xp, and a special flashback card of Uehara 77 Overall). Uehara doesn't sound like much, but the big picture is that if you continue collecting players, you can unlock Divisional collections and receive players like Cal Ripken JR 91 OVR.

Tier 2 Collections are for gathering ALL (not just 25) available players on a team, in the live series. You will redeem a greater reward of more stubs, better players, more xp.

Tier 3 Collections are for gathering ALL available players in a division, in the live series. You will redeem a greater reward of more stubs, better players, more xp.

Tier 4 Collections are for gathering ALL available players in a league. in the live series. You will redeem Arod 99 OVR for AL, and Reggie Stocker 99 OVR for NL.

Tier 5 Collection is for collecting ALL available players in the league, unlocking Jackie Robinson 99 OVR.
You can also redeem rewards for collecting stadium and equipment cards.

Receive XP, and Stubs for conquering teams and valuable cards for completing Conquest Missions. This is the most lucrative game mode for playing and receiving rewards. Your skill in the actual gameplay (Baseball) and team overall rating will help you speed this process up as you can conquer more fans on higher levels of difficulty.

The Conquest Game Mode is a turn based strategy game where you attempt to assert domination over the national map by gaining territories. The great thing about conquest mode is that games are only 3 innings (with adjusted pitching fatigue, warm up pitchers from the jump). Conquest mode is a single player vs cpu game mode.


Each team has a stronghold. From that stronghold, each team expands towards other territories and fortifies their stronghold by taking turns. 1 Turn consists of 4 phases (Attack, Reinforce, Move, Capture). In Reinforce, you can add fans to your territory points. In Move fans, you can move fans from one point to another, or to the stronghold. You can claim unoccupied territory without a fight, however, you will soon be able to ATTACK other teams territory points. When it is your turn to ATTACK, you can select a territory point of your team, and you are able to attempt to capture one new territory point adjacent to that point. If you select a territory owned by another team, you will pit your territory's fanbase against there's in a game. You can play or sim attack games. Your likelihood of winning a sim game or ability to play easier difficulties is a result of the ratio of your fans versus opponent fans. Playing easier difficulties comes with lesser rewards in number of fans. So, if you have 5M fans in one territory, and are trying to capture a territory of another team with 2M fans, you outnumber them 5/2 and will be able to play Rookie. However, you will only win 1M of their fans. If you win, you will win the territory, but they will keep half of the fans, and you can will have 1M fans in that new territory. If you lose, you will lose your fans, but not any territory. Other teams may attempt to attack your territory/stronghold. You must play stronghold games. The difficulty of stronghold games is decided by the ratio of fans attacking vs fans defending. In capture phase, you can battle any team in the league anywhere on the map, for fans only, no territory will be claimed. The amount of fans you win is decided by the level of difficulty selected, and of course, winning.

So the strategy in conquest is to expand your territory, distribute more fans in areas closer to enemy strongholds to improve odds of claiming territory, claim those strongholds, defeat teams and obliterate their fanbases, and continue manifest destiny.

You will receive rewards for CONQUERING other teams strongholds, and even greater rewards for conquering your manifest destiny.

You will receive greater rewards including rare Diamond players for COMMANDING other teams. Once you have conquered the team, and collected their players, you can add them to your roster. Commanding means using that team's players. You get credit for an inning for each player you use. If you have 9 players from a team, you will get 27 innings for each conquest game (assuming no extra innings). Once you have enough innings for a team (range from 700-1500 innings), you will be able to redeem that team's COMMAND bonus.

Once you grind the innings with that team, those sub-par players are useless as far playing. You can unlock FEED REWARDS. You can feed those players to your created player. To feed your created player, go to your Squad, view your player (The Star), and select train. Add players to your feed list and press Feed. Once you feed your created player enough players from the team you will unlock another rare diamond player.

See this chart to see the rewards available. Your order of operations is limited by the geography of the map and teams in your way.


As you can see, this game mode within DD has a lot of depth. It should take a long time to grind through, but you can reap the best rewards with this game play mode.

There are 6 or 7 Captains in the Captains Menu. Captains presents challenges for you, for example, Donaldson's challenge is to use players with Clutch of 75 or greater. You get credit for each inning, for each player. You collect those rewards after each game and it contributes to your Captain's level. These rewards come in the form of tickets (not stubs). You can purchase certain cards (for a limited period of time) within the captain's shop. By completing the challenge, you acquire currency, and get access to these players at a discount, as you unlock levels of captaincy. For example, once you achieve level 20, you can purchase a player rated 87 OVR for 800 tickets, and by completing the captain's challenge, you will have amassed several hundred tickets. If you're not impressed with the offering, wait it out, as new items appear in the store. See the time remaining on each offer. All in all, captains should not be the first thing you focus on. It is difficult to acquire the players necessary to "grind" innings that qualify for the rewards. It is challenging to find/filter/build rosters that help you achieve these rewards faster. If you have any tips or "affordable" rosters, please share.

I'm sure I missed a lot, but I'll come back and add more later and keep this updated with your input. Please sticky/Sidebar if you find this useful.

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Great article, hopefully this will help most of the new users.

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solid post!

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Great write-up! I'm still to lazy to do any of that but hey silver teams just gotta have a little more heart

Dakota_11936 on 2016-07-09 19:59:53
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I am trying to get the prime ichiro card... Can somebody explain to me how to do that... I have collected all the Mariners

Dakota_11936 on 2016-07-09 20:15:18
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I am trying to get the prime ichiro card... Can somebody explain to me how to do that... I have collected all the Mariners

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Do conquest mode. Capture the mariners stronghold.  Then rack up innings with Seattle Mariners players. Get some players who play for Seattle and feed them to your Dynasty Player.

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I dont really like playing conquest but after reading this post i may play it more

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