Important info if you are having failed exports or things not showing - by poohty_t on 2017-04-18 15:28:03
poohty_t on 2017-04-18 15:28:03
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Ok , so we all have had issues with this app in its exporting .Here is some info to try to help , if you experience problems. I will list a few issues I see reoccuring and how they have been fixed.

1- Keep getting failed export or error message when exporting.

The app can not handle the amount of data it has to send when you export all 3 options at 1 time . Thus this has been found to greatly reduce ( but not fully do away with ) errors when exporting:

1- export only league info

2- export only league stats 

3- Export only rosters.

so that makes 3 separate exports( do this anytime you plan to export also) .
Please try this, then may have to wait a few minutes for it to fully update but it should.

Here is also a tip to help cut down on amount of data you send, resulting in less errors.

When exporting, if you are just wanting to update scores during week,  then be sure to pick only that current week next to weekly stats instead of the default " all weeks"  ( following the instructions above, only sending 1 thing at a time). Only time you should  select " all weeks" when you have advanced since last export or anytime in the offseason. This reduces how much data is being sent and cuts down on errors.

2- When your in a certain week , but 1 previous week has 0 stats for players  for that week.

When this happens, try this :

1- Only export Weekly Stats, and be sure to select only the week that is missing . This normally fixes this issue.

3- Site will not update

This one has a few possible answers :

1- This is the most common reason for this issue. Be sure to double check the URL in the admin area that your given to use to export to. Then be sure to double check how you have it entered in the app. As it clearly states in the admin area, this URL is case sensitive. Which means if you do not enter it correctly in the app, exactly as it is in your admin page, no matter how many times you try it will never sync. You must enter capital letters exactly how it is in your URL and same for lower case . It must match identically.This is honestly the most common reason for this issue

2- If you have restarted with a new league after previously exporting a league to your site, you will have to reset the site stats and data. ONLY the person who purchased the league has this option and they must be the one to do it. They can find a reset under admin>settings , its the first option there.

3- Sometimes things get jammed up with all the data being sent from the app and it helps to start with a "clean slate" for that seasons data. If you follow the steps above to answer # 1 , and you get 3 successful exports and nothing shows up after clearing cache ( be sure when you click clear cache you wait there until it says it is finished) a few minutes later nothing is showing up, please submit a ticket for your current season stats to be reset and i can reset them for only that season. After that, you can go back up to problem #1's answer and follow those instructions on how to export.

Hopefully this clears up some things and helps people going forward. The best way to export is found above in the answer to #1 issue. It really cuts down on issues from the app's end. As always Daddy Leagues will do its best to provide the best service out there and provide your leagues with the most it can to keep them a fun place to be a part of. Unfortunately the app is made by someone else, and has its own issues that we have to find ways around to get things to work correctly. Above are so far some of the best solutions found to help cut down on many errors. I will update this thread if I can think of other common issues people enter.

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knucklesdaclown on 2017-06-06 21:40:38
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I feel terrible for you guys. This APP is the biggest piece of shit of all time and you guys got stuck with it by EA..

smoke63b on 2017-11-20 15:54:37
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I can't get the site to update our league period. I've tried every imaginable way... I submitted a ticket today. We're in preseason week 2. Teams aren't even showing up at all on the site for us now.

TonyaMSmith on 2024-02-12 12:46:20
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If you're experiencing failed exports or items not appearing as expected, it's crucial to consider several factors. First, ensure that all components are properly installed and compatible. Secondly, check for any updates or patches that might address known issues. Additionally, verify your settings and configurations to ensure they align with recommended guidelines. If problems persist, consulting resources like partzilla for expert assistance can be invaluable in resolving complex issues effectively.

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