New Owners - by OneSuddenStrike on 2022-06-03 17:46:20
OneSuddenStrike on 2022-06-03 17:46:20
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We are looking for new Owners in the IntML we are an All Madden PS5 Sim League. We are also on Discord https://discord.gg/JaPkd7fp.
Please drop in and read the rules and select an available team.

OneSuddenStrike on 2022-06-04 10:06:42
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When you select your team they are yours for as long as you are an active member in the league  you get to keep your team for the duration. As we enter the play offs the following teams are available and Yes if you take them now then there your for next season as well
AFC EAST   Jets    Dolphins           AFC North Browns Bengals
AFC  West    Broncos Chiefs         AFC   South   Texans  Jags

NFC EAST     Washington
NFC  WEST  Cards  Seahawks
NFC  North  Vikings Lions
NFC South  Saints Panthers Buccs

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