Santa Clara Sentinel

by decadog | 2 years ago | 0 Comments

It's been a long time folks but I'm back with another update on your 49ers.  We ended up this year at 5 wins 11 losses.  While that may sound rough to many of you the team has shown much improvement on both sides of the ball.  I am confident enough in our current roster that the upcoming draft really holds little excitement for us.  We will look to add some depth along the offensive line but I really like the makeup of the team we have in place going into next season.  At this writing we have the youngest roster in all of MBL but also one of the most talented.  Jawara Woodard had another tough year but showed much improved vision the last half of the season.  Our WR corp and TE's both showed a marked improvement year over year.  The defense?  While we struggled in the secondary the front 7 did an incredible job against the run.  After getting a full season under their belts I expect an overwhelming presence to be felt everytime they hit the field next season.  Jamal Blades has been nothing short of incredible both as a player and the leader of this defense.  Only time will tell of course but I feel the team we've built for you is going to make huge strides in the upcoming season.  Until next time.............#trusttheprocess