Tough loss

by Delvar | 4 years ago | 3 Comments

"This was one of the craziest games I'v seen my whole football career", says Jets head coach T. Bowles. The game was back and forth but at one point it seem New England had control of the game. With 2:30, down 14 the Jets came down and got a quick touchdown to WR Decker to pull the Jets within one touchdown. HC Bowles decided not to onside kick and hope his defense could get them back the ball. Success! The defense got a 3 and out getting the ball back to the offense with 1:30 left. Petty looked poise to get a td as he did on the last drive to tie this game up. After three good defensive plays by the Pats the Jets were down to thier last down 4th and 6 on N.E. 40 Jets hike the ball Petty rolls left away from the pressure and no one open downfield for a minute it looked like Petty would try to run for the first but MLB was spying him. At the last sec B. Marshal comes across the field with a LB under him and Petty puts only where Marshal can catch it, and he delievers with a great one handed catch, first down!Jets hurry to the line with 30 secs left and no timeouts, Petty throws a strike to WR D. Smith for a TD! only to be called back due to offensive holding. Now theres only 20 sec left in the game, Jets come to the line as if they know they can tie this game up again. Petty calls hike for the ball and sees TE J. Amaro streaking down the middle of the field, the pass is made Amaro has and is about to score when the ball is stripped from him on the 2 yard line Pats ball! Game over. Jets drop to 4-2 with the Bills, 4-3, surging and only a half game behind.