San Francisco 49ers 85 OVR



Vertical Zone Run

O. Scheme

4-3 Under

D. Scheme


Salary Cap


Salary Free


Salary Spent

























Most Expensive
Top Players

George Kittle

$9.55M 93OVR

Pearson Haynes

$10.36M 91OVR

Kenny Clark

$15.82M 91OVR

Kirkland Jones

$7.15M 89OVR

Irvin Kelly

$10.70M 89OVR

Upcoming Free Agents

DeForest Buckner

$8.01M 82OVR

Irvin Griffey

$4.05M 77OVR

D.J. Reed Jr

$4.70M 76OVR

Paul Smith

$3.51M 74OVR

Zack McClure

$1.87M 73OVR

NFC West
Team W L T Pct
Seattle Seahawks 5 2 0 0.714
Arizona Cardinals 4 3 0 0.571
San Francisco 49ers 3 3 0 0.500
Los Angeles Rams 0 7 0 0.000

Santa Clara Sentinel

Well, it took us 5 weeks but we finally put a notch in the win column.  It was a tough game throughout but the men held steadfast and pulled through with a 24-22 win over our division rival Seahawks.  For the entire first half it was a thoroughly dominant effort.  In the second half things seem to be unwinding a bit.  We need these guys to stay focused from kickoff to the final whistle.  Far too many mistakes in the second half nearly cost us the game.  Wide r...

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by decadog | 3 years ago | 1 Comments

Santa Clara Sentinel

After an 0-16 season many questions have to be answered.  Most importantly "what are our biggest strengths and what are out biggest weaknesses?"  With that in mind we set out this week to make those determinations.  While we ranked at the very bottom of the league defensively our defense was on the field far too much of the time because our offense turned the ball over so much.  We ranked either first or last in nearly every negative category this past season ...

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by decadog | 3 years ago | 1 Comments

Deca's Corner

  Good morning all and welcome back.  It's been a rough season, there's really no other way to put it.  Even when we played well it wasn't enough to win.  We enter week 15 still winless on the season with very tough opponents left on the schedule.  Our remaining opponents are the Cardinals, Bengals and Panthers.  All of those teams are battling for playoff seeding so our goal moving forward is to play the spoiler and get this team a win before seas...

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by decadog | 3 years ago | 2 Comments

Deca's Corner

  Good morning all and welcome to my team blog.  As any of you that follow me know it's been a disappointing season to this point in San Fran.  Article is a couple days later than usual because to be honest I was hoping to avoid writing this type of article at all.  We played our week 11 game last night against the division rival Rams.  While the team played a much more competitive game we were still unable to get it done throwing an interception in the redzone...

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by decadog | 3 years ago | 1 Comments

Deca's Corner

  As those of you that follow this blog know we've gotten off to a rough start.  Our defense has given up 35 points per game on average and that simply cannot happen if we expect to compete.  We are not the "Air McNair" show nor the "Greatest show on Turf".  This team is simply not built that way.  Our draft philosophy leans more toward the "grind" of the game.  Ground and pound in hopes of opening up the play action looks tha...

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by decadog | 3 years ago | 1 Comments

2027 Regular Season Leaders
Passing Cmp Att Yds TD
Freddie Felton 88 146 1339 9
Rushing Att Yds Avg TD
DeAngelo Patton 32 100 3.1 2
Dalvin Cook 29 100 3.4 3
Tony Pollard 23 96 4.2 2
Dante Pettis 1 1 1.0 0
Pearson Haynes 1 1 1.0 0
Receiving Rec Yds Avg TD
Brian Gibson 22 396 18.0 4
Dante Pettis 20 306 15.3 1
George Kittle 17 291 17.1 1
Pearson Haynes 20 251 12.6 1
Tony Pollard 5 68 13.6 1
Defense Tackles Sacks FF INT
Torrian Little 19 0 0 3
Emmanuel Sands 17 0 0 2
Kirkland Jones 16 0 0 5
Randall Sermons 12 1 0 2
Irvin Kelly 12 6 0 0
Injury Players
Athlete OVR Position Length
Dante Pettis 80 WR 9 Weeks
Tony Pollard 69 HB 7 Weeks
Athlete OVR Position Type
Rashard Ragland 58 DT Signed
DeAngelo Shivers 58 ROLB Signed
Jamie Rodriguez 58 TE Signed
Angelo Mooney 58 MLB Signed
Austin Joseph 59 MLB Signed