Rocky Mountain Hi(gh)?

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Rocky Mountain Hi(gh)???

Nearly 35 years ago on a late night in Las Vegas, a handshake between Edgar Kaiser and Jim Irsay Sr would forever impact Colorado and the NFL. Its still unclear how Mr Kaiser pulled off the unfathomable trade that brought the biggest prospect in history a mile high. Considering the Colts had been offered more than what they received in the trade, this reporter believes theres a high probability that cocaine and hookers were the deciding factor. Nevertheless John Elway walked in a highly touted star and never looked back as he grew to legendary status not only in Colorado but around the league. It took 16 years but Elway finally got his crown as he finished his career with back to back super bowl victories. With the exception of maybe Michael Jordan, no one is held to a higher iconic status by their community, than Elway. After over a decade away from the NFL Elway returned to the Broncos front office to take the reigns the struggling franchise. Elways legend continued to grow as that Broncos brought back the Lombardi in one of their two trips to the big bowl. 

Its almost unimaginable but after 30+ yrs John Elway is facing criticism from Bronco Country. Is Elways seat really getting hot just a mere two years after bringing a 3rd Lombardi back to Colorado and following a 12-4 season? Seems crazy but it was Elway who set the bar of super bowl or failure when he moved on from John Fox following a quite impressive 4 yr run because he was unable to capture a ring. 

From afar you maybe be wondering where the criticism comes from. I mean they were 12-4 and 9 out of 10 times they win that divisional game vs Pittsburgh. They came up 1 point short in a game that included a missed xp, 2 missed fgs that were easily makable for McManus, and they were 0-2 in the redzone with both trips ending with picks. There's no reason to think the Broncos didn't have to roster to go further last year, just a few unlucky freak plays ended their season. So why the heat on Elway? Well, his draft record isn't the best and this year seems to be no different. At best I think the Broncos drafted two players capable to even start at this level. The dominant d of years past is getting long in the tooth and isn't what it used to be. There seems to be a lack of talent ready to replace the aging stars. Rookie FS Bradham could be the one exception as he looks poised to possibly have an impact week 1. The one position that's been solid on offense is on the decline with Thomas and Sanders passing the 30 mark. The offensive line is middle of the pack at best. I do think drafting Frank Everitt will help in solidifying the RT spot. There is a bit of potential from the young wrs but don't expect another DT type to emerge. Devonte Booker is by far the most accomplished rb and most casual fans have probably never heard of him. They drafted a track star in Haynes Newman but time after time we see those guys not have what it takes to make it with the big boyz. All in all one could argue the roster is still strong enough to make another serious run. Except that one position that seems to be #1 priority for every team and fan worldwide, apparently John thinks he can somehow rub his own magic off and onto anyone that steps under center because he did essentially nothing to try to find the answer, aside from throwing a few late picks and untouted long shots. I would have to believe heading into week 1 the Broncos will make history as the first team ever to have 3 7th rd QB's. Its yet to be announced which of the 3 will be the starter. Fans always want more and some feel Elway is lacking the urgency to win now and take advantage of what's likely the final year of one of the best defensive units ever assembled. 

 It's unclear how much, if any, the rivals have closed the gap. San Diego had a large amount of turnover so who knows how long it will take to gel. The Raiders seemed to have added some youth to their already young and talented roster. There's a new chief in Kansas City with Matthew Stafford coming to town in a move that fans say shows Elway's complacency. Following a winless preseason along with KC going 3-1 and with Stafford looking like what you would expect from the #1 ovr pick, Elway is already receiving an unfamiliar amount of backlash from fans. Has he lost his touch? Was it ever his touch or was it the touch of a certain #18? Maybe he knows exactly what he's doing, maybe not. With the NFL as unpredictable as ever, I advise you my loyal readers to stay calm and swag(#6) on. And as always, In Elway I trust and GO BRONCOS!!! Go eat that Florida pussy!!re