A Love Letter to Denzel Mims

by ValiantPax 1 month ago

Denzel Mims we were so young when we first met each other.. I was coming into a online franchise that I was way out of my league for, and you were a rookie WR with drop passes trait.


Remember your first game? Popping off for 3 touchdowns and over 200 yards.. forcing a pass interference in OT to set up the game winning FG…


Remember getting that break out game and getting star? And then getting injured the next game during your superstar break out? 


No one can ever take that first season away from us. One of the best WR seasons of all time.


Your one handed catch in our first Super Bowl win. Your staircase to heaven catch in your next Super Bowl. 


You were my home grown child and I’ll never forget you. Denzel “You got mossed” “Megatron 2.0” Mims, I love you like a son. This trade has brought much turmoil to my soul. I am in pain writing this. Tears steam forth like a waterfall right now down my face. My heart burns with the pain of 1000 suns on a starless night.


This is necessary and it’s for the better. I’m grateful you are going to the land of Chicago with a top 10 QB in Kurt Keaton. Be there for him. He has his strengths. You guys can bloom into a beautiful friendship. Go be the winner we know you are.


One last thing.. if you choose to accept this is your mission… take down the King of the North. We have heard of his unfair taxes plaguing the land. Take the Knights of Chicago and do amazing things and take out King Soup. 


Until Madden 22 when I trade to get you back, I’ll see you on the other side,


Coach Pax 


Smithy021 1 month ago

Awww.. how cute..

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