Steelers Bus Breaks Down

by Chris_75866 1 month ago

Steelers Bus Breaks Down

The Steelers and Cardinals game will be post poned for one hour due to some cable lines being cut in the Steelers Bus. Luckily, Big Ben's Beard was in full mass granting him the powers and wisdom of all things man. He was able to repair the bus in 60 minutes time and the bus was back on its way to Arizona. The real questions is: who dun it?

The clear and obvious answer might be the opponents, the Arizona Cardinals. That was a thought for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but that isn't the Cardinals style. They take a challenge head on, that's just how they're built. They have the talent and they're ready to go in this one. No, it wasn't the Cardinals, but if it wasn't the Cardinals, then who!?

It's quite clear at this point that it was Bill Belichick! The team stopped at GetGo to fill up the bus and while the driver was filling up and the team was clearing the place out for its hotdogs, Bill took to work. He quickly slid under the bus, cut as many cables as he could see and ran off before anyone could see. It wasn't until the team called GetGo and asked them to check the security footage, did they know for sure what happened. Bill has been on the run since escaping the Bay City Correctional Center three months ago after being found guilty in tampering with the Steelers finances. It took no time at all to strike once again! Damn you, Bill Belichick!

All is well now, just a bump in the road. The Steelers will quickly be at State Farm Stadium. There will be plenty of time for warm ups and the team will be ready to play. And Bill Belichick will get his!

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