Kfox's Final 2026 RZ Mock Draft

by Kfox93 1 month ago

Kfox’s Final 2026 RZ Mock Draft 


#1 New England Patriots

DE Layne Godwin - Wisconsin

HT: 6'2 WT: 264 lbs


The Patriots do not have much of an EDGE threat outside of Rashaun McGee. He's not much of a threat anyways, racking up only five sacks and 11 TFL this past season.


Godwin is the clear-cut best player in this draft and New England can't go wrong with selecting him to pair up opposite of McGee. The combine was a blessing for him causing him to shoot up the draft board and securing himself as the top talent. 


#2 Seattle Seahawks

QB Matt Griffith - Texas Tech

HT: 6'0 WT: 234 lbs


With a disappointing two-win season the Seahawks find themselves sitting at the top of the draft. QB Russell Wilson turned down the team's contract offer leaving the team with a huge hole on the roster.


This offseason Seattle signed QB Carson Wentz to a 1yr/$32M deal. Wentz still has some gas left in the tank and hasn't regressed much after his poor stint in New England.


Griffith is a sure-fire lock for Seattle giving them a potential franchise QB to play with during the rest of the cycle. He will need some time to adjust to the pros and that's okay because Wentz will be able to hold things down until he is ready.


#3 Las Vegas Raiders

DE Kazeen Cloud - Wisconsin

HT: 6'3 WT: 276 lbs


Like I stated in my first mock draft of the season this team is way better on paper than their record shows. I previously mocked them a defensive end and plan on sticking with it. The current two starters Collin Bryant and Brian Torrence combined for a total of 7.5 sacks last season.


Cloud would come in and start right away for this team replacing most likely Bryant. He is still a little raw and needs to work on his pass-rushing moves for the pros but his physical traits are fantastic with some solid speed, nice strength, and is pretty agile for 276 lbs.


#4 Chicago Bears

CB Najee Barlow - Purdue

HT: 6'1 WT: 194 lbs


The Bears entered free agency needing some desperate help at cornerback. For some odd reason, they signed Desmond King to a 2yr/$12.4M deal (83 SPD). 


Barlow would come in starting opposite of Jaylon Johnson giving them a nice one-two tandem in the secondary. He has a Heisman trophy and a great combine performance on his belt. Bears fans should be excited to see him fall in the team's lap. 


#5 Buffalo Bills

T Gavin Hedgecock

HT: 6'3 WT: 321 lbs


Currently, the team does NOT have a starting left tackle after losing Dion Dawkins to free agency. This offense has the potential to be a great one in Red Zone but not without an offensive line to protect their quarterbacks who were sacked 53 times this past season.


This draft class is very weak at the offensive line position, the Bills should reach and take a chance on Hedgecock or look for a trade down. He is the only lineman I have a first-round grade on, should be able to play any position on that line with ease.


#6 Green Bay Packers

WR Victor Haden - Colorado

HT: 6'4 WT: 227 lbs


The Packers moved on from WR Devante Adams this season and are now stuck without a clear cut number one wideout for young QB Nathan Sheldon.


Haden has a big body and some decent speed to go along with it. Selecting Haden allows the offense to not have to rely on 31-year-old running back Aaron Jones as much. The NFC North is the most competitive division in all of Red Zone, it's up for grabs every season so the Packers need to stay strong offensively.


#7 San Franciso 49ers (via DET)

DT Sidney Haywood - Virginia Tech

HT: 6'4 WT: 317 lbs


The interior of this defensive line is the weakest link on the whole roster. I do not believe that Chance Flynn is the answer and should find a replacement ASAP.


Haywood was a monster in the trenches for Virginia Tech. He has a great blend of strength and athleticism, drafting him will allow Nick Bosa to be freed up from a lot of the double teams he receives.


#8 Cincinnati Bengals

DE Chris Shields - Boston College

HT: 6'6 WT: 270 lbs


Something is going on with veteran pass rusher Carl Lawson. He went from 27 sacks two seasons ago to six this past season. Opposite of him is Adrian Bentley who amassed a whopping total of 1.5 sacks.


Drafting Shields is a safe pick just incase Lawson continues his downward spiral. The draft class is LOADED with EDGE talent this year, Shields is arguably one of the best. 


#9 Jacksonville Jaguars

S Jeremiah Hyde - Texas Tech

HT: 5'9 WT: 213


The team's starting safety is getting old and slow (86 SPD) plus entering the last year of his contract. This is another team with a great roster, not sure how they managed to end up with a top 10 pick.


Don't let Hyde's size fool you, he can play some football. Athletic and has great open field awareness. At this point, Hyde is not an upgrade over Ronnie Harrison but could eventually replace him if he plays poorly this season.  


#10 Washington Football Team

LB Danny Woodard - Flordia

HT: 6'4 WT: 246 lbs


This was a tough pick to make! There aren't very many holes along in this roster outside of upgrading one of the linebacker positions. LB Cole Holcomb is entering the last year of his deal and is 30 years old.


Woodard dominated the SEC while he was in Flordia. Drafting him allows the team to slowly move on from Holcomb next season. Woodard could earn some snaps sitting behind him and slowly start to take over.


#11 Cleveland Browns

WR Luis Colon - Auburn

HT: 6'3 WT: 222 lbs


Want to know who the Brown's number one wide receiver is? Preston Williams lmao. Williams has had one 'okay' year with Miami but only has one season out of his eight where he caught more than 50 balls.


Colon is the second-fastest receiver in the draft, also has some great ball skills. Drafting Colon should be able to take the Browns to the Superbowl.


#12 Los Angeles Rams

TE Rick Ford - Washington

HT: 6'5 WT: 235 lbs


The Rams signed QB Russell Wilson to a one-year $20M deal (Crazy that he accepted that after Seattle offered him $25M+. No loyalty anymore). Hopes of making a playoff run the Rams need to surround Wilson with as much talent as possible.


Ford may be listed as a tight end but I classify him as an offensive weapon. Amazing hands, big size, very athletic. Should be able to step right in and become Wilson's new red zone target. 


#13 Miami Dolphins

CB Isiah Fletcher - LSU

HT: 6'1 WT: 192 lbs


Trying to get out from under the Jets shadow the Dolphins are wheeling and dealing trying to improve this roster. The team just traded for EDGE rusher TJ Watt to pair up with Maxx Crosby.


Draft Fletcher and continue building up a tough defense. Fletcher has the potential to be a day one starter. Solid man coverage and blazing fast speed. 


#14 New Orleans Saints

LB Michael Fox - Columbia

HT: 6'2 WT: 228 lbs


The Saints could go a few ways here since they have a few holes across the roster. Looking at the roster on paper LB looks to be the weakest link with 31-year old Alex Anzalone & below-average Romeo Ellerbe starting.


Fox brings new life to this linebacker corp. Don't sleep on him since he played for a small school like Columbia, he's got all the tools to step in and play day one. 


#15 Carolina Panthers

TE Marco Burke - Californa

HT: 6'2 WT: 245 lbs


Currently, the team sits without a starting tight end. Young QB Alex Sullivan needs all the help he can get


Marco comes in and immediately gives Sullivan a big red zone target and potential number ONE target. He also isn't scared to do some blocking as he has had great success doing that out in Cali.


#16 Dallas Cowboys

DE Josh Walters - Penn State

HT: 6'4 WT: 275 lbs


Have to go with the BPA approach here. Josh Walters is a top-five talent who is sliding in this mock, Jerry Jones and WG would be crazy not to draft him here.


Walters would go into battle against Sheldon Ellington and DeSean Sheppard for a starting spot. He is one of the most well-rounded pass rushers in this draft.


#17 Los Angeles Chargers

HB Tyron Crockett - Oregon State

HT: 5'11 WT: 203 lbs


Easy pick here! I am not sold on HB Bryon Gray being the team's workhorse number one back and I am not sure the coaching staff is either.


Crockett shot up draft boards with a strong season at Oregon State making him the clear number one back in the class. He is a very well-rounded back with great vision and ball control.


#18 Indianapolis Colts

DE Jason Burnett - Wisconsin

HT: 6'1 WT: 262 lbs


Burnett is not a lock for the first round but he is one of a handful of pass rushers that has the potential to land there. Indianapolis is desperate to add a pass rusher opposite Pat Woods.


#19 Seattle Seahawks (via TB)

S Antonio Frazier - Michigan

HT: 6'0 WT: 212 lbs


Seattle traded away S Jamal Adams this past season and now they land his replacement. 


Frazier is a well-balanced safety who has no problem covering the whole field or coming up in the box to make some tackles. He should have no problem starting in this weak secondary.


#20 New York Giants

CB Travis Peters - Stanford

HT: 6'3 WT: 181 lbs


Noah Igbinoghene is THE cornerback on this team, that's it. The Giants must look to the draft on finding some starters/depth for the position.


Peters might be a little bit of a reach here in the first round but he is the best corner available at this time. Great height for a corner and some solid athleticism to go along with it.


#21 Dallas Cowboys (via HOU)

T Damien Crisp - Nebraska

HT: 6'5 WT: 317


The offensive line is a weak spot on this roster. In a division loaded with talent spread across the defensive lines, this needs to be a top priority for the team.


Crisp being only 22 years old is nice and he should be able to be a solid tackle for Dallas the rest of the cycle.


#22 Baltimore Ravens

CB Edward Spence - Texas A&M

HT: 6'3 WT: 184 lbs


The secondary for Baltimore is already an elite unit, I couldn't help but make them stronger by giving them another starting-caliber cornerback.


Spence is a tall corner with average speed, not the best in man coverage but can play zone well. 


#23 Tennesee Titans

HB Dwayne Stockton - SMU

HT: 5'11 WT: 185 lbs


The Titans made some big moves this offseason by trading for T Orlando brown and signing veteran TE Travis Kelce. Make that offense even stronger by selecting a new running back.


Stockton could come in and split carries with Jermone Townsend taking this offense to another level. He is the opposite type of back that Townsend so they would complement each other very well.


#24 San Fransico 49ers

WR Cameron Winter - Kansas State

HT: 6'5 WT: 230 lbs


This offense is ELITE! Lamar Jackson, Gerald Blaylock, & George Kittle. I have them adding a new weapon to this team to pair up with Deebo Samuel.


Winter is a big guy standing at 6'5 & 230 lbs, but he moves pretty well for that size. This guy has the next Rich Walker written all over him.


#25 Minnesota Vikings

LB Grant Billups - Richmond

HT: 6'2 WT: 234 lbs


Linebacker is a weak spot for this Vikings team. Not much depth outside of Darron Lee.


Billups is an immediate upgrade over whoever this team planned to start opposite of Lee. He's a fast linebacker who has no problem running sideline to sideline.


#26 Denver Broncos

DE Cordale Meekins - Flordia State

HT: 6'4 WT: 271 lbs


Rumors are that Denver's front office and the coaching staff are pretty happy with their roster and they intend to take the best player available approach.


Meekins is the best player available. He's a top 10 talent who happens to be falling due to the loaded defensive end class. Where do you play him on this stacked front? I have no idea, but I am sure Coach Astin will find a way.


#27 Arizona Cardinals

DE Matt Gholston - West Virginia

HT: 6'4 WT: 265 lbs


The Cardinals have been lacking an EDGE talent for a few years now. They are in luck because they are having a top 15 prospect fall in their lap.


Gholston is a little raw but plays with a lot of power in his game. Let him and Marquez Conley battle it out for the starting spot. 


#28 San Fransico 49ers (via PIT)

T Alex Marshall - Michigan State

HT: 6'4 WT: 336 lbs


If I am the 49ers staff I am not feeling safe going into the year with Gary Paulsen starting at left tackle.


Marshall can easily replace him and add some much-needed protection for Lamar so hopefully, he can quit scrambling for his life.


#29 San Fransico 49ers (via KC)

CB Ja'Marr Walters - Flordia State

HT: 5'10 WT: 194 lbs


Surprised that Stephon Gilmore didn't retire this offseason, but regardless it never hurts to get stronger in the secondary.


#30 Atlanta Falcons

DE Isac Weston - Texas A&M

HT: 6'5 WT: 275 lbs


This was a hard team to make a pick for, this roster is stacked with talent all over and has very few holes.


One thing it does lack is an ELITE pass rusher, Weston has the potential to be that. 


#31 Seattle Seahawks (via PHI)

DE Marurice Hazelton - Rice

HT: 6'5 WT: 255 lbs


Reggie McDonald is a nice pass rusher but this team needs more help.


#32 Seattle Seahawks (via NYJ)

WR Cory Whittaker - Washington State

HT: 5'11 WT: 195 lbs


Whoever is starting at QB whether it be Wentz or Griffith needs some weapons to throw to. Devante Adams was signed in the offseason but he's not a long-term answer.


Whittaker can bring some explosiveness to this offense.

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