AMG Season 7 Training Camp Tour pt. 4

by xslamfistx 3 months ago

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys feel like they already have the pieces to make a playoff run, which explains their lack of participation the rat race that is AMG free agency. This writer does not agree. The Cowboys seem to be a complete team on offense but for some reason can’t seem to put it together when it matters most. With their trio of stars approaching “old age” the Cowboys championship window appears to be closing. Some would say it was never really open in the first place. However, the Cowboys seem to be blind to fact that no one believes in them. After spending time with the team on the practice field, I ALMOST started to believe in them too. This is a team that seems stuck in their ways and is unwilling to change, and this will be reason their AMG fortunes ultimately remain unchanged as well.


Philadelphia Eagles

Veteran leadership seemed to be a priority for the Eagles this off-season. After shocking the Rams on the road in the wild card round, The Eagles feel like they are standing on the doorstep of NFC supremacy. Calais Campbell was brought in to help Fetcher Cox combat the run heavy schemes of their NFC East peers. Sterling Shepard was brought in to be a guiding light for the youngsters in the WR room, and finally, Matt Stafford. It has been made very clear that Jalen Hurtz is the starter at QB. However, Matt Stafford is being looked at as a viable option should his services be needed at some point this season. I fully expect the Eagles to be in the conversation late into the season.


Washington Football Team

After seven losses in one score games last year, the Washington Football Team believe they are ready to make the jump from pretender to contender. I am not sure this will be the case. Ben Vaughn appears to be the answer to the franchises long outstanding question mark at QB. After throwing for an ABSURD 5400 yards and 56 TDs last season, the only thing left for Vaughn to do is, maybe not turn it over 30+ times this year. If (and that’s a big IF after moving on from super star wideout Curtis Samuel) Vaughn can even shave 10 Ints off his total from last year, that would be a major boost for the Football Team. Now on to the elephant in the room…the defense. Washington held their opponents under 30 points only 5 times last season. Yes, you read that right….in 12 games last season the Football teams “HIGHLY OVERRATED DEFENSE” gave up 30 or more points. While I don’t see history repeating itself, this is not a problem that is easily solved. Considering the Football team just shipped off 1300 yards and 13 TDs, I really don’t see a way for the offense to make up for all the points the defense will allow.


New York Giants

If it aint broke, don’t fix it! That appears to be the motto of the AMG Season 6 champion New York Giants. Free agency was used to add a little bit of depth and it seems that the only possible change could be at the WR3 position. Most of the AMG world did not see the New York Giants coming last year, but you better believe people see them now. When I asked about the teams’ approach to defending their title, I received the only answer I ever could have expected… “We have to focus on taking the season one week at a time”


NFC East Prediction

Giants                   11-6

Eagles                   9-8

Cowboys             8-9

Football Team   4-13



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