Browns vs Colts: Wildcard Round

by Chris_75866 3 months ago

Browns vs Colts: Wildcard Round

The first round of the playoffs saw the Browns versus the Colts in a rematch from week 11. The Browns beat the Colts in week 11, 37-25. The Colts were unable to get any momentum in that one with Jacob Eason playing for Aaron Rodgers, who was serving a suspension. Nick Chubb had 160 total yards with a touchdown and Anthony Schwartz was able to get loose on a deep route to score a touchdown as he racked up over 100 yards in the week 11 victory. The Colts kept it somewhat close in that one, losing by 12 points. They needed to be on their "A" game in order to have a chance against the Browns this week in the playoffs.

It most certainly helped to have Aaron Rodgers leading the way. After throwing two early interceptions, the future HOF'er ended the game with over 340 yards in the air and 4 touchdowns. Rodgers also had only 5 incomplete passes all game and got dialed late in the first half and to start the second half. The absence of Paris Campbell left the team uneasy as to who was going to step up for this team. The initial thought was that Scotty Miller was going to have a big game. However, Miller ended the game with 0 targets.

The man who ultimately stepped up was the team's best player, Johnathan Taylor. Taylor averaged over 8 yards per carry and tallied 159 yards on the ground while adding 52 in the air. When the game concluded, Taylor had 3 total touchdowns and was the catalyst for the offense in this week's win. For much of the season, it was Rodgers not Taylor that was keeping the team going strong. Rodgers admitted that it was a big relief to have his stud running back come up with such big numbers. "Yeah, you know you try to win by any means necessary. We've done that this year, whether it was me leading a second-half comeback or the defense coming up with a big turnover. You have to take them however you can get them. They're a whole hellavu lot easier when JT is doing his thing." -Aaron Rodgers.

The team awaits the remaining games out to see who they will match up against in the divisional round. No matter who is waiting for the Colts next week, they have to be at their best in order to keep their season alive. The defense did well to take the ball away last week, they'll need to do the same next week to ensure a victory. The team celebrated their victory the night of the game, but then it was right back to work.

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