Madden 22 - Statistical Records Seasons 57 - 66

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Seasons 57 - 66


From its humble beginnings in Madden 16 to the present day, the No Roger Goodell League has grown in both size and stature. Recognized worldwide as America’s premier Madden franchise, it is doubtful that even the most optimistic of those who led the drive to bring the league to across the country could have envisioned the successes it would have.


The commissioners in the NRG League are committed to results. These current records pay tribute to the talents and triumphs of John Madden football’s greatest legends. Chronicled within the databases of NRG are the stories and circumstances of play that bring to life words such as courage, dedication, vision, fair play, integrity and excellence. 


Super Bowl Cycle Record


Cardinals Cardinals/Spyda - Season 57/1

RavensRavens/Teddy - Season 58/2

BillsBills/Sean - Season 59/3

Chargers/Matt - Season 60/4

Cardinals Cardinals/Spyda - Season 61/5

Jaguars/Myles - Season 62/6

Falcons Falcons/Bobby - Season 63/7

Cardinals Cardinals/Spyda - Season 64/8

Falcons Falcons/Bobby - Season 65/9

Falcons Falcons/Bobby - Season 66/10





Passing Yards Cycle Record


Passing Touchdown Cycle Record


Rushing Yards Cycle Record


Rushing TDs Cycle Record 


Rushing Yards Per Carry Cycle Record


Receiving Yards Cycle Record


Pass Receptions Cycle Record


Receiving TDs Cycle Record


Defensive Tackles Cycle Record


Defensive Sacks Cycle Record


Defensive Interceptions Cycle Record

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