Week 17 top 10-power rankings

by Airborne_55449 2 months ago

So we're getting to the end of the season and playoff time is upon us with only 3 teams locking up playoff spots last week(bucs,browns,cowboys) the remaining spots and seeds are up for grabs alot of teams can guarantee there way into the tournament with big wins this week.

#1:Tampa Bay-with Curtis Samuel on a historic run this team is firing on all cylinders. Is there anyone better? No really is there?

#2:Cleveland browns-nick chubb is amazing and the rest of the league is playing catchup to him. Can you say MVP pretty sure this team is the favorite to represent the AFC in the superbowl

#3:Dallas cowboys- there were alot of questions about this team at the beginning but the duo of Chris Godwin and ceedee lamb have proven to be a nightmare for opponents this season a rematch of bucs vs cowboys might be coming.

#4:Chargers-this team is exactly where we thought they would be at this point. With a great combination of young superstar players and talented veterans this team is going to be very hard to beat.

#5:Broncos- The Broncos are another powerhouse that depends heavily on their offensive firepower With Jeudy coming into his own this year and the tandem backfield of Williams and Gordon it will be interesting to see how they do In the playoffs especially when they get healthy.

#6:Dolphins- The dolphins are playing in a really crowded division at the top we half expected them to already have a playoff seed locked up but after a week 12 tie with the texans they have ripped off 4 straight wins and it looks like they're hitting their groove just at the right time.

#7:Cardinals- There is a matter that requires your attention!! With their head coach stepping away for the past 2 weeks Things have begun to look shaky for this team.

#8:Detroit Lions- The quarterback carousel early in the year had this team looking shaky but they believe they found their quarterback of the future in rookie free agent QB Chris oladokun. The combination of oladokun and The rookie running back price the lion's ripped off 7 straight wins before losing last week a win this week against the bears and they can lock up the division.

#9: Commanders- Does anyone really believe that they deserve to be this high Probably not but here we are this team is all defense and they rely very heavily on rookies on offense. Time will only tell if they are contenders or pretenders..

#10:Buffalo Bills- The bills are one man shown off and it runs strictly through James Cook in the running game and the passing game. But the duo of Miller and Basham Jr On defense Are a nightmare for offensive lines A win this week can lock in a playoff spot for this team.

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