Clev at Den

by Modagr8 2 months ago

Empower Field at Mile High

The 4-6 Broncos play host to the 10-0 Browns up in the thinning air of Mile High. Coach DeJesus stated that he felt the Browns were pretenders and the thin, breathtaking air in Denver would expose them. When Coach Mo was asked about that statement he clearly said, "I never take my guys into battle unprepared. We will see." Denver benched the more experienced Wilson for Tua and the Browns defense were foaming at the chops waiting to take a bite out of the 3rd year QB from Bama. The Browns defense went to Poundtown as they held Tua to 115 yards and 1 TD while sacking him 3 times and an equal 3 picks. JOK and Garrett anchored the defense with 14 total tackles, 2 sacks, 1 int, and 1 scoop n score. Watson held it down for the offense with 279 yrds, 4 tuddies, with only 4 incompletions. Coach Mo just cracked a smile when he was asked about his team's overall performance. Next week Clev travel further west to face the LA Rams.

-James "Downtown" Brown, reporting-


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