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Welcome to the OzeSportsCFM League!
Welcome to the OzeSportsCFM League!

Welcome to the OzeSportsCFM League, an Australia/NZ PS4 League run by http://www.ozesports.net.au!

For the OzeSportsCFM League Rules, click HERE

For a list of Teams and Owners in the OzeSportsCFM League, click HERE

To sign up for OzeSportsCFM Notifications on your mobile device, click HERE

The OzeSportsCFM advances every 72 hours or once all games have been completed, whichever comes first. Click HERE for a Calendar with the full OzeSportsCFM schedule.

If you are from Australia or NZ and would like to enquire about joining the OzeSportsCFM League, please sign up to OzeSports.net.au and post in this forum: OzeSports Madden 18 PS4 League Forum

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