--PTTP Rules--
4th Down:
4th and inches anytime coach call
4th and one at least at your own 45 and beyond
4th and goal anytime coach choice
4th down from redzone(20 yard to goal) anytime.
Down two scores(9) or more anytime. Users can anytime try to draw offsides anytime 4th and 5 or less.
4th quarter and Playoffs: coaches make all the calls to try to win.

Trade Rule:
At commissioner discretion once team reaches above 20m in cap penalties.

Max 2 no huddles before huddling. No A.I. manipulation, no quitting. No lobby ball aka repeated usage of "money plays" (a form of A.I. manipulation). Hiking the ball when manually motioning a player. The motioning player must be set (read motionless) before snapping the ball.
No multiple flipping plays at line of scrimmage, No line shifting to where your down linemen are lined up in secondary or in linebacker positioning.
This is a form of AI abuse.

Play calling:
Plays generally should be varied and aligned to chosen schemes. Running the same play or small subset of plays constantly may be considered A.I. manipulation. See Gameplay rules.

No star padding at end of games. When game out of reach, it’s up to both users to work the clock. Running up the score is discouraged. e.g. winning 35-7

Abilities Re-roll:
Changing positions with the explicit goal of re rolling SS or XF abilities is prohibited. If a Commish determines a situation meets the threshold, Commish will remove SS or XF abilities.

Roster requirements:
53 man roster mandatory , teams not allowed to be in negative cap space. Teams will be given chance to correct roster by way of trade or releasing players. If commish has to step in and lower bad contracts players will be penalized in dev downgrade as well as attributes. Manage your team finances responsibly.

SS/XF FA rule (Prod Rule):
Off season FA all Xfactors need minimum 60 pts and superstars 45 points for bidding. If player signs to your club under those conditions, Commish will adjust salary.

If you feel something fishy is occurring, stream or record it, and let a commissioner know.