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DaGreat_98 on 2017-04-01 14:12:39
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Panthers send:

Vernon Butler DT #92
Ovr: 85 Conf: 69 Height: 6'4'' Weight: 323 Age: 25 Dev: Avg XP: 5155
College: LA. Tech Career: 3 Year(s) Drafted: 31st Pick, 1st Round
Salary: $2.37M Years Left: 1 Cap Penalty: :$1.07M Contract: $4.10M / 4 Years $4.28M Signing Bonus

Panthers 5th round Draft Choice

The rights to sign World Class Regression Trainer T. Turner

Colts Send:
2nd Round Draft Pick (33 overall)

The rights to sign Head Coach Ron Rivera

If trade is approved we can move the players and picks now. We have to wait until the season starts to release/sign the coaches and trainers

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