MIAMI, FL -- Off to a great start in 2018 after 9 weeks sitting at (6-3) and atop the AFC EAST. The question remains though, "Who Are The Dolphins?". We left this question to be answered by Owner/GM Stanley Jean-Baptiste. We sat down with him Monday night after their victory over the NY Jets and his mood was high but still we got a political yes to the interview. Question: What do you think about this (6-3) start for your team. Answer: I don't want to get to attached to the start we've ha...[ Continue reading ]

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Hello XCFL Charger Fans,


Welcome to the XCFL Chargers Blog " Bolts from the Blue" Will will be giving you the insider news on the XCFL Chargers from time to time. This time we have a BIG breaking story for you. As you know team owner Al Ferreira Sr. is a Watson fan. Coach Greco not so much. So why are we hearing rumors that coach Greco ...

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New Orleans, LA — Keeping things real in a locker room can be very difficult when you’re losing and that’s exactly what’s continuing to happen with our Saints.

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This off season the Bengals will concentrate on the defensive side of the ball. Linebackers will be top prioity. Key veterans on the roster will not be resigned. Free agency will play apart in the offseason, but mgmt will not solely depend on it. (HB) J. Mixon will be starter & AJ Green will remain with the team ,but role will be reduced. (TE) T. Eifert will be an important piece as the Bengals move forward

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The Green Bay Packers Announced the hiring of  former Quarterback Don Majkowski as their new head coach. It's funny how things come full circle sometimes in the NFL Majkowski said. To play in front of these amazing fans as a player and now to lead this team on the sidelines is really just a dream come true for me and my family. We know what we have here talent wise, and expect our veterans to lead us in the locker room and on the field.I understand there will be and adjustment period to t...

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The PACKERS are proud to annouce a new direction. New headcoach Penny will take us to a new future at the palace of GREEN BAY. He stated its time to look forward to once again having DOMINANCE in the NFC north. Taking the division by storm is the #1 priority. Gaining trist in the fans and creating leadership in the locker room is most important. First the division, second the playoff run , third the superbowl & WINNING IT[ Continue reading ]

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