Devlin Collins a 25 year old second year linebacker out of Utah, hit the XCFL last year running, he recorded 54 solo tackles, 2 interceptions, and 2 sacks, in route to a steller rookie campaign. But it was the work he did off the field that might have inspired the Buffalo community more. 

Devlin who majored in Secondary Education at Utah, took two years of subbatical leave after his junior year, to use his teaching degree to help out local high schools. One high school in p...

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Week 14

We took on the New York Jets for round 2. QB Justin Boyer did a great job of protecting the football and hitting his targets has he completed 15/17 passes for 301 yards 2 TDs and 0 INTs. The Patriots defense in general had one of their better games of the season holding the Jets to only 17 points in the game. Hawthorne and Richardson were both able to pick off Sam Danrold in the game. Patriots win 21-17


Week 15

We faced off against...

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Like father like son, the upcoming XCFL draft has a young man whose father is an XCFL legend. The young man is Barry Leake TE out of Missouri, the son the legendary Riley Leake who still holds the XCFL record for Receiving TD's and Receptions in a season. 

Barry, who stands 6'2 as opposed to his father who was an atonishing 6'8, has made his mark in college as a blocking tight end. Although he did have five TD's his senior year, he loves the trenches and sea...

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Week 9

We had our bye week


Week 10

We took on the Jacksonville Jaguars. This game looked ugly on the stat sheet for the Patriots, minus a great game from HB Saquon Barkley. Barkley rushed for 143 yards on only 10 carries and added 3 TDs. QB Justin Boyer had his absolute worst game of the season, only throwing for 170 yards 0 TDs and 2 INTs. The game came down to a game winning FG from kicker William Knowles as time just about expired. Patr...

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Hey guys, my name is Matt.

Higgie introduced me to this league. He is married to my little sister, but we have known each other since middle school.

I grew up in Indiana and moved to Louisiana for work 4 years ago and now live in Texas with my wife and 3 dogs. I manage a waterpark here, so work is especially busy right now.

I played soccer all through high school and college and play in recreational indoor and outdoor leagues whenever I have time. My teams ...

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Bizzy got really bored and is desperate for user points so he scraped the bottom of the barrel asking me to do a mock with him. This post is almost 12 hours. 

1. Nick - Chargers - gets the jerseys and Derwin
2. Regan - Ravens - after much deliberation, Regan returns to Baltimore knowing that the joy of playing with his team outweighs disappointing anyone and not being with tosh adds to the enjoyment. 
3. Rob - Bills - as much as he&rsquo...
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Nick M20 Exit Interview
Boone: Ladies (Brian, Drew) and Gentlemen we have the Commish of the league , the head coach of the SF 49ers Nicholas Alizé Larson! How ya doin Nick? Lol
Nick: My man, I'm doing well! Finishing one of the best cylces the XCFL has ever seen and the team draft on the horizon! Life is good!
Boone: This is an interesting interview, because you are ...
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Kylo M20 Exit Interview
Boone: Kylo man how ya been,welcome to the league! I want to start by telling you what an impressive coach and run you have had in this league to start your career. Can you tell me a little about your approach to the game and what you think seperated you from others in this league?
Kylo: Thanks man! It's been great to be welcomed to the league like I have we have a true family here. Well...
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Waitlist Wings M20 Exit Interview
Boone: THE Waitlist Wings is in the building!!! Lol you know you and Kylo have been the Diaper Dandies of the league. Glad to have you here, thanks for joining me! How are you doin man? 
Wings: Diaper Dandies is an interesting description, but I’m doing well man
Boone: Lol man yall came in and fucked up the status quo by being good, I...
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We have seen division rankings, weve seen height charts, weve seen conference standings, but never against all other 31 teams.  You always had to go back and forth and make mental notes(hand written notes for some.  Well here it is, laid out in black and white for all to see just where all your hard work has left you the past 10 months of your lives!  No surprise here, the 2 best teams with the same EXACT record to a tie is the Browns and Redskins.  One clear cut favori...

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