Philly Offseason Round Up

by Bv_Ares | 2 months ago | 0 Comments

Statement from Eagles GM Jack Storming -

The Philadelphia Eagles went into the offseason with one purpose. To get better. Get deeper. Win games. And I believe we accomplished just that. We were able to masterfully trade our way to significantly upgrading positions of neeed on our team. We traded the 9th pick in the draft to the Browns for the 11th and a 4th rounder. This trade allowed us to pursue more teams in trade negotiations as Play off teams cannot trade into the top 10 during the offseason. When needing to upgrade your roster and you cant make the draft, the 11th pick is the most sought after. Playoff teams are the only teams deep enough to trade multiple higher level players for a pick. We took advantage of this acquiring a top 5 tackle In Nix and a true WR1 in Howard. We haven’t had a true starter int he receiver core for years. Also we received the 25th pick in this years draft. As our executive team was unable to attend the first round of the draft, we then explored options to trade away the 25th pick. Here steps in an artfully crafted three way trade between the Eagles, Ravens, and the Bills. We shipped out our 25th pick for a much needed #2 Running Back in Farmer and a Second round pick. We significantly upgraded our stable while acquiring a much needed 2nd round pick. We had previously Traded both 2nd round picks to the Bengals acquiring Defensive Back Mike Hughes to become the starting Strong Safety. This is a significant signing as we replace what we lost when an aging Marcus Maye chose not to resign for the 2025 year. We added much needed depth at RB, WR, and Oline in the draft with many of those players making our 53 man roster. 

In Free Agency we went after and talked to many of the Highly touted FA’s but came up short in those discussions. However we were able to bring in 2 solid defensive lineman who look to play vital roles in giving Mealey and Martin a spell through out the game. It’s not often that you have 4 Defensive Ends that are capable of starting on many rosters through out the league. 

Overall I believe our roster is better today than it was at the end of last season. I expect us to win games. We’ve show that we can dominate the Giants and the Cowboys when we show up to play. We just need to be more consistent on a week to week basis. I hope some of the veterans with playoff experience will help with that. Bottom line we need to win games.