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Season 32 - Week 11 Advance 10pm - 24/10/17
EAFL Headline Story
With the Washington Redskins under a great deal of pressure to change their team name, the EAFL has decided to address the issue by requiring owners to update their clubs' names to reflect the current realities of their communities.
"We acknowledge that 'Redskin' is offensive and not at all reflective of where we are as a society in 2016, so we've encouraged ownership to change the team's name to something more reflective of today's Washington, D.C.: the Childish Politicians", said H. "Obbie" Lobbie, a spokesperson for the EAFL.
We were able to obtain through our sources some of the new monikers which the league is expected to roll out next season. The following are but a few examples:
The New York Obnoxious Yuppies, The New Orleans Dumb Drunk Tourists, The Philadelphia Inferiority Complexes, The Tennessee Poneheads, The Atlanta Traffic, The Denver Burnouts, The Detroit Empty, The Minnesota Igloos, The New England Can't Pronounce Their R's, The San Francisco Gentrification, The Chicago Polish Sausage, The Green Bay Sour Cheese, The LA Rams of St. Louis, and the Baltimore Murderers
Interestingly, the Jacksonville Jaguars will be allowed to keep their name. It is not clear exactly why this is, but many have speculated that it is because commissioner George Dawg forgot they were a team.
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