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To kick things off for Diamond Dynasty, SDS is happy to reveal an often requested and highly sought after feature – Play vs Friends. They heard the community loud and clear, and you’ll now be able to play your friends’ in Diamond Dynasty.

It’s always fun to play against your friends, and with all the new roster management considerations They’re about to talk about, it’ll take more than just skill on the quest to build a superstar squad.

With the Diamond Dynasty expansion for The Show 16, we studied the feedback from our fans and set three big goals:
1. Add depth and diversity to roster building with contextual reasons to mix up your team
2. Increase the usefulness and versatility of your collection
3. Add more progression potential with deeper, more purposeful goals to aim for

As you know, Diamond Dynasty has a close connection to the live MLB season with frequent attribute updates and a living user marketplace. In The Show 16, we’re teaming up with one of baseball’s leading analytic firms – Inside Edge, to get even closer to the real thing. Every day during the 2016 MLB season, all of our Live series players have the potential to see attribute shifts based on their real life matchup.

Matchup ratings range from 1 to 5-star, and each rating impacts attributes differently. A 5-star matchup rating impacts attributes positively, while a 1-star rating negatively impacts attributes. You can see a player’s matchup rating anywhere you can see the player in Diamond Dynasty. Additionally, there’s a dedicated matchup rating screen that allows you to see all players and their ratings. Now, to demonstrate this feature, let’s go back in time to last year’s Postseason and take a look at Eric Hosmer. Inside Edge had assigned Hosmer with a 5-star rating because he was slugging .737 and hitting .474 against hard-throwing righties with good curveballs like McCullers in the last two years. Due to Hosmer’s outstanding production and overwhelmingly positive rating against McCullers, he sees a pretty substantial bump to his overall for the day. Daily Matchup Ratings will change the way you compose your Diamond Dynasty team every day during the 2016 MLB season, creating some interesting managerial decisions… speaking of which, let’s talk about some players who WON’T be impacted by Daily Matchup Ratings.


With MLB The Show 16, They ve added hundreds of additional players to the Diamond Dynasty rosters via a slew of new flashback cards. Each flashback series will contain past versions of current day players. Ever wondered what it would be like to have a rookie flashback Ichiro lead off while a prime flashback Albert Pujols waits patiently in the three-hole? With Diamond Dynasty, these possibilities are now a reality, allowing you to build some of the greatest what-if fantasy baseball teams ever conceived.


Now, with hundreds of new players added to the roster, you might be wondering just how you’ll collect some of these all-time greats… The Show 16 also boasts a number of new ways a player can acquire Cards, XP, Stubs, and other Items.
The first is new feature is “Missions”. As you play Diamond Dynasty this year, you’ll trigger Mission discoveries. Each mission gives you a goal and a potentially amazing reward for rising to the challenge. These Mission can span a range of different types and criteria, from
• collecting based missions,
• accumulating stats with certain players or player types,
• maybe logging in during a certain event,
• or acquiring certain special cards that kick off a mission.

One heavily featured reward you’ll see for mission completions are the new “Flashbacks”.


Another big addition is their “Captains”. The XP leveling system has been completely repurposed this year. As you play any mode this year, you will earn XP and Tickets toward one of six “Captains” of your choosing. Each Captain is an MLB superstar with a dynamic offering of prizes you can redeem with the Tickets you earn. Which prizes you are able to redeem depends on your XP level with each of the Captains, so you’ll have plenty of leveling to do before you’ve reached maximum prize potential.
Additionally, each of the Captains has his own unique Mission that incentivizes you to play with a roster featuring players with certain traits. Playing with these types of players means faster progress towards his prizes, and may even be a hint as to what types of prizes might become available.
Many unique cards will only be acquirable through a certain Mission, a certain Captain, or some other route. And many of the missions and their rewards will be hidden, waiting for someone to discover and reveal them for the first time.


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