Madden 17 Release Date Reveal and Cover Athlete Announcement

by IVIonteith 7 years ago

Madden 17 Release Date Revealed, Cover Athlete Announcement


We have finally gotten our first taste of Madden 17 news for all the fans waiting: Madden 17 will be released August 23rd this year. 


Not the biggest batch of news, but it's a start. Along with this, came that on Thursday, May 12th, during the 6 P.M. EST showing of SportsCenter, the Madden 17 cover athlete will be revealed along with our first taste of gameplay. So it seems that this is really the date that Madden fans will be writing down. 


The title will be released for PS4, Xbox One, as well as previous consoles PS3, and Xbox 360. As per usual, fans with EA Access on Xbox One will be able to access the title early with a limited amount of playing time. 


For all of your Madden 17 news and content as soon as it is released, keep tuning into DaddyLeagues media where we will continue to keep everyone up to date with the best Madden content available. 


Papi83dm 7 years ago

Any idea on who will be on the Cover?

Albidnis 7 years ago

Von Miller

Deehill1270 7 years ago

Von Miller or Peyton Manning

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