MLB The Show 16 Roster Update: 6/10

by IVIonteith 7 years ago

The MLB 16 6/10 roster update was released this morning before the DaddyLeagues team departs for EA Play and E3! So let us quickly highlight the new cards added as well as the biggest movers on the +/- side as well. 


The best addition this week is the new Adam Wainwright card. This is a postseason flashback edition as Wainwright boasts a 99 OVR. 99 clutch, 99 K/9, 99 HR/9, and 91 H/9 make this a great option for any pitching staff. 



A few more additions are a 92 OVR Gold rookie flashback of Aroldis Chapman, who currently is an exact mirror image of the current series Chapman, so not much has changed in that aspect currently. 


A prime Victor Martinez is a real scare for right handed pitchers as he has 87 power and contact vs righties, as well 90 plate vision.


87 OVR Prime Flashback Rajai Davis is just a nightmare on the basepaths with 95 speed. This guy can cover some ground for you out in Center Field as well as turn that single into a double. 


And lastly, rookie Flashback of C Joe Mauer. Great fielder, great arm strength. But he also carries to the plate with him 99 contact vs righties and 91 plate vision. 


Now let's move on to some big changes. As always we will start off with the biggest movers on the + side:


Jon Lester +2 to 90, Matt Carpenter +2 to 88, Corey Seager +3 to 87, Evan Longoria +3 to 86, Drew Pomeranz +3 to 85, Will Harris +3 to 84, and Jonathon Villar +4 to 83


On the - side we don't have many big drops, but a few high end guys dropped a little:


Josh Donaldson -1 to 95, Chris Davis -2 to 86, Drew Smyly -2 to 83, Adrian Gonzalez -4 to 83, Carlos Martinez -2 to 83. 


So that will wrap up the main movers on the +/- side that we have for this week, as well as the new players. Make sure you guys also check out the new card pack that dropped earlier today as this will yield you the best chance to snag one of these new cards. 


Also don't forget that this week is EA Play and E3! And the DaddyLeagues team will be there! We promise to provide you guys with as much info and content that we can possibly get our hands on, as well as first hands on impressions of the new titles. Stay tuned as we are anticipating the release of the Madden 17 CFM blog as well, which I know most of you Madden fans are waiting for!

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