Madden 17 Top 5 Offensive Positions

by nathan.lejeune 7 years ago

One of the most look forward to times in the Madden offseason, is when ratings begin to drop. As we all itch to see our entire team ratings (so that we can moan and groan about how terrible they are), we get a slight scratch to that itch with the top 5 of each position being dropped. Let’s take a look at the entire offensive top 5 ratings.

#5 - Russell Wilson (QB Seahawks)

Coming in at number 5, might be one of the most dynamic young quaterbacks in the game today – Russell Wilson. Russell brings a 91 overall to the Seahawks with 85 speed, 93 throwing power, 93 short accuracy, 91 medium accuracy, and 88 deep accuracy. This guy can make all of the throws and scramble out to make plays with this feet. 07’ Mike Vick he is not, but he’s a darn good player who will be fun to have control of in Madden 17..

#4 – Ben Roethlisberger (QB Steelers)

Big Ben comes in with a 93 overall for his Steelers. Big Ben can still make enough plays with his feet, to go along with being hard to take down. He grabs 73 speed, 95 throwing power, 95 short accuracy, 96 medium accuracy, and 90 deep accuracy. Big Ben can make all of the throws you could possibly imagine and, if needed, get you out with a scramble or two for a big first down. Impressive for a guy who has quietly had some solid NFL seasons the past few years.

#3 Tom Brady (QB Patriots)

Quite possibly the best NFL Quarterback to ever lace up the cleats, Tom Brady comes in at number three, with a 94 overall. Tommy boy has 99 awareness (duh!),94 throwing power, 98 short accuracy, 98 medium accuracy, and 84 deep accuracy. I am sure Patriot fans are feeling some sorta way about that deep accuracy and I must admit, it was a bit shocking even to myself. The guy can still make all the plays – just don’t ask him to run.

#2 – Cam Newton (QB Panthers)

Cam Newton comes in with a 94 overall for Madden 17. Thankfully, for him, there is no interview rating – that would be pretty low, I am sure. Shots being fired aside, Cam is a stud and thankfully for him, his accuracy ratings are representative of the amazing season which he has last year. Cam will sport 86 speed, 87 elusiveness, 97 rocket arm, 94 short accuracy, 93 medium accuracy and 87 deep accuracy. The guy can make every throw, run you over, run past you and will be one of the most unstoppable forces in Madden 17. Good luck stopping this guy.

#1 – Aaron Rodgers (QB Packers)

Coming in as your number one rated Madden 17 Quarterback – Aaron Rodgers at 96 overall. The prototype quarterback will have 78 speed (a little low?), 98 throwing power, 96 short accuracy, 94 medium accuracy and 90 deep accuracy. This guy can do it all and can still make a few plays with his feet. The most underrated quarterback as far as athletic ability, in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers will be ready to lead his Madden 17 offense from the start.

#5 – Lamar Miller (RB Texans)

Now it’s time to take our first look at your top five running backs in Madden 17. I will start this list out with a bang as Lamar Miller comes in at 88 overall for your fifth best running back. What the hell? Lamar miller is the fifth best running back in the NFL? Are we serious? How far has running backs fallen? I am sorry, but this one stumps me. What has Lamar Miller done to be the #5 running back in Madden 17? Lucky for him and this new Texans offense, he will sport 93 speed, 92 acceleration, 95 agility, 90 elusiveness, and 92 juke move. I don’t get it, I won’t get it and only Texan fans will be able to make any argument for this rating.

#4 – Jamaal Charles (RB Chiefs)

Jamaal Charles comes in at number four overall in Madden 17, with a 89 overall rating. Charles is starting to get long in the tooth for a running back, but the guy is still a good player. He will be given 91 speed, 92 acceleration, 97 agility, 92 spin move, and 95 juke move. I’ll be interested to see how long he can stay with these stats, but for season 1, you can bet that this guy can make all the plays you need, running and catching. I’d be more upset that I was so close ranked to Lamar freaking Miller.

#3 – Doug Martin (RB Buccaneers)

The young and up-coming Buccaneers will receive the third best running back in Madden 17, as Doug Martin comes in with a 90 overall rating. After a tough rating for Madden 16, mighty mouse bounced back and had a great season last year – to which he was awarded some great stats. 89 speed (slightly low in my opinion), 91 agility, 90 trucking, 91 elusiviness, and 91 stiff arm. The young (ish) running back for the Bucs will be able to run away from a few, but run over many. The playaction game should be strong for this team in Madden 17.

#2 – Adrian Peterson (RB Vikings)

The veteran of this group, Adrian Peterson, comes in at number two, with a 91 overall. He will sport a 92 speed rating, 88 strength, 93 agility, 96 ball carrier vision, and 93 stiff arm. Its shocking (we will talk about this) but he’s stronger than most of the top offensive linemen. That doesn’t make much sense to me. Either way AP may hit your kid with a stick, but he’ll also run over your mom, your brother, your wife and run away from your dog. He’s fast, he’s strong and he’s AP. Good luck stopping him.

#1 – Le’Veon Bell (RB Steelers)

Thankfully for Steeler fans (and owners) there is no disciple/drug test rating in Madden 17 (maybe one day!). So since that isn’t there, LeVeon Bell comes in at number one with a 94 overall rating. Bell will sport his 90 speed, 95 agility, 99 carry, 95 elusiveness, and 97 juke move. He will be able to run around and away from people all day. Feed him the ball early, feed it often and never worry about a fumble again. This kid is young and in the right hands, will be a stud for all of Madden 17.

#5 – Deandre Hopkins (WR Texans)

Now it’s time to talk about my favorite position – the wideouts. Being a wideout at heart, there is nothing more exciting than finding that one guy who gobbled up every pass thrown his way, gets behind the defense and just wrecks opposing teams. Deandre Hopkins will come in as your fifth best Wideout in Madden 17, with a 93 overall rating. He will be sporting 92 speed, 97 catch, 98 spectacular catch, 96 catch in traffic and 95 route running. Over the years route running has become a more important rating, and then last year catch in traffic was very useful. This kid can do all of what you need as he can get behind the defense on go routes, catch the ball in the middle of a million people, break corner back’s ankles with his route running ability and bail you out with spectacular one handed catches – almost at will. Give me Hopkins on my team ANY day.


#4 – Odell Beckham Jr. (WR Giants)

I’ll be open and honest – I am an LSU homer and I am not ashamed, and seeing our guy OBJ coming in as number four overall with a 93 overall rating – makes me proud. He will have 93 speed, 97 agility, 99 spectacular catch (duh), 92 catch in traffic and 96 route running. Being able to watch him and Josh Norman go at it again would be another treat. Odell has the speed of his mother and the gridiron ability of his father. He may be the most electric young player to watch in the NFL and on Madden 17, it will be no different. Plug him in any wideout position that you want and let him go make cash..


#3 – A.J. Green (WR Bengals)

I said this on my podcast for our Madden 16 league, earlier this week – saying that A.J. Green is the veteran of this wideout group is just weird. He’s young, but not really. He’s been making plays for the Bengals for a while now and might be the best wideout that you’ve never got to watch. He will be showing off a 93 overall rating with 91 speed, 95 catch, 97 jumping, 94 catch in traffic and 95 route running. He can still make all the plays, and if you throw it high enough – he’ll go out and make the play for you. Cornerbacks are still having nightmares about covering this guy and if you play the Bengals in Madden 17 – you should also. AJ Green comes in at number three overall..


#2 – Julio Jones (WR Falcons)

What can you say about the Alabama product that hasn’t already been said a million times. Even as a real life Saints fan, I have to admit that this guy is one of the best I’ve ever watched. In Madden 17, that will be no different, as he is your number two rated wideout with a 96 overall rating. He will have 93 speed, 98 catch, 96 jumping, 95 catch in traffic and 94 route running. His injury rating may not be the best, but when he’s on the field – he will be the best. The guys has size and speed and can grab everything thrown in his zipcode.


#1 – Antonio Brown (WR Steelers)

To think that the Steelers may be the top 1 or 2 teams that are used in Madden 17, might be an understatement. Not only do you get a top 3 quaterback, the number 1 running back but you will also get the number one wideout to boot. This team will be an offensive powerhouse and Antonio Brown will be helping that cause with his 97 overall rating. He will be handed 93 speed, 98 agility, 99 catch, 97 elusiveness and 98 route running. If he doesn’t just straight up run past you, then when he does get the ball, you won’t be able to get your hands on him. He is the premiere wideout in the NFL and in Madden 17. Good luck AFC members – Good Luck!


#5 – Jimmy Graham (TE Seahawks)

After an injury plagued season, Jimmy Graham is looking to prove that he is still one of the best, but Madden 17 does still honor Jimmy’s past with a strong 89 overall and the number five best tightend in the game. Jimmy will have 84 speed, 93 spectacular catch, 87 catch in traffic (a bit low – even from a bitter Saints fan), 85 route running and the ever important (unless your really Jimmy Graham) 67 run blocking. Ok, so he doesn’t do that so well, but he still can make all of the other plays in the passing game that you ask of him. He will be a pivotal piece to that Seahawks offense in Madden 17.


#4 – Tyler Eifert (TE Bengals)

Tyler Eifert comes in as the number four rated tightend in Madden 17, with an 90 overall rating. Tyler is one of my favorite young players to watch in the league right now, and Bengals owners should be happy with his 82 speed, 78 run blocking, 89 spectacular catch, 88 catch in traffic and 85 route running. This young playmaker needs to stay healthy, but when he’s out there, he’s strong, he’s fast and he can catch everything. Put him 1v1 and let him go make plays for you.


#3 – Delanie Walker (TE Titans)

For many Madden seasons, Walker was one of my favorite, under the radar guys to go out and trade for. I’ve watched him for years and now with the Titans he sports a 93 overall rating for the third best tightend in Madden 17. He will carry with him an 85 speed rating, 91 run blocking, 77 spectacular catch, 75 catch in traffic and 82 route running. That was not a typo – 91 run blocking – better than some of the top 10 offensive linemen in the game. Guy is strong, he’s fast and he can make plays that most wideouts can’t. He will be a fun player for Titan owners to use.


#2 – Greg Olson (TE Panthers)

Greg Olsen comes in as the number two overall tightend with a 93 overall rating. His 85 speed, 90 spectacular catch, 93 catch in traffic and 92 route running means that he will win most situations which you put him in. He can’t block well (64 overall) but who needs him to block when he can make those plays for you. He and Cam have great chemistry and they will be a force in Madden 17..


#1 – Rob Gronkowski (TE Patriots)

We could have all guessed this one with our eyes closed. Your coverboy, Rob Gronkowski comes in as the number one rated tightend with his 99 overall rating. He has 84 speed, 92 run blocking, 94 spectacular catch, 98 catch in traffic and 89 route running. He might be the closest thing to a perfect player that you will find in Madden 17. Not much else to say about him other than find fast linebackers, corner backs and safeties and hold on for the ride.


#5 – Zach Martin (RG Cowboys)

Now it’s time for the guys who are the most important to your team and allow everyone else to go out and make plays – the offensive linemen. Coming in at number five is Zack Martin and his 92 overall rating. He will anchor a great Cowboys offensive line with his 95 pass blocking, 92 run blocking, 84 impact and 89 strength. I am not going to get on my soap box, but I will say that I don’t get all these fairly low strength ratings which are blown away by the first wave of Madden generated rookies which will come into our Connected Franchises after year one.


#4 – Andrew Whitworth (LT Bengals)

L-S-U, L-S-U… Ok, I’ll stop. Andrew Whitworth is coming in as your fourth best lineman with a 93 overall rating. He will have 94 run blocking, 95 pass blocking, 88 impact and 93 strength. He’s been holding it down for the Bengals for a while and that spot is still going to be really secure.


#3 – Marshall Yanda (RG Ravens)

The Ravens get the number three rated OL in Madden 17 as Marshall comes in with a high 97 overall rating. He will be rocking his 98 run blocking, 96 pass blocking, 86 impact and 83 strenght for the Ravens. This horse of a man will be opening up holes for every Ravens running back that touches the field in Madden 17.


#2 – Tyron Smith (LT Cowboys)

The Cowboys get their second guy on this top 5 list and he comes in at number two overall – Tyron Smith and his 97 overall rating. He will have 98 run blocking, 97 pass blocking, 93 impact and 88 strength. Stick him out there, forget about your blindside and even use his 78 agility to get out on screens and make plays in the passing attack. That Cowboys offense will also be a fun one to play with in Madden 17.


#1 – Joe Thomas (LT Browns)

The old timer comes in at number one, because he’s been doing this at the top level for a long time. Joe Thomas has a 97 overall rating to go with his 98 pass blocking, 93 run blocking, 93 impact and 93 strength. Very few players do it as well and as long as Joe Thomas has. Browns fans need to enjoy him while they still have him – at least for Madden 17..


Overall Thoughts

So there you have it, your Madden 17 Top 5 offensive rankings. I want to hear your thoughts now! What did you like, dislike or even disagree with? You can check out all of the ratings and even the rest of the top 10 offensive linemen here: https://www.easports.com/madden-nfl


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