Madden Roster Update

by nathan.lejeune 7 years ago

Roster Update

The new madden roster update it out. As the NFL preseason has progressed, a lot of CFM leagues have been waiting for this latest roster update and game update. The NFL has made their moves and now the roster has been released with some of those moves reflected. Dak Prescott and Trevor Siemian are two of the biggest moves that we’ve seen in the NFL this preseason, and Madden made sure to reflect that.

3 Players with Improvements

Trevor Siemian, Dak Prescott and Terrelle Pryor all are the top 3 guys who received improvements. Trevor Siemian is the new starting Quarterback for the Denver Broncos and he received a nice boost to reflect that, to a 70 overall (+9 points). Dak also took over the starting job for the Dallas Cowboys and received himself a nice boost as well, to a 74 overall (+3 points). Finally, to close out our top 3 list, Terrelle Pryor, yes that Terrelle Pryor, also received a nice boost for his good preseason. Terrelle received a boost to 73 overall (+2 points). All three players have worked hard and earned new jobs this offseason, and now their madden ratings reflect that hard work.

3 Players with Regression

If there players who get boost because of a successful preseason then there is also the other side of that coin – players who regress because of a bad preseason. Sean Weatherspoon, Rolando McCain and Joey Bosa all dropped since the first roster. Sean Weatherspoon has struggled since being drafted in the top of the 1st round for the Falcons. He dropped to a 70 overall (-7 points) since the first roster update. The Dallas Cowboys have a player on the improvement and regression list, since Rolando McClain is suspended his rating took a hit. McClain dropped to a 76 overall (-5 points) with his rough offseason. Finally, Mr. holdout himself made the list, Joey Bosa. Joey held out over a contract dispute and since returning he has struggled, and so has his rating. Bosa dropped to a 76 overall (-3 points).

Overall Thoughts

EA really has done a great job this Madden of really hitting it out of the park for our CFM owners. This roster update is no different. They did a great job of getting players on the correct teams, getting practice squads set and overall doing a great job of getting things as right as possible. Perfect? By no means, but they are really good and should set up many CFM’s up for success. If I had one complaint it would be the same as it has been for years – trades are only completed on one end when involving picks. I’d like to see that take place but I will take the majority good. How is your CFM going? Were you waiting for this roster update to start? If so, what are your thoughts? Leave us your comments below.


Grimlock9115 7 years ago

When can we get the DL for our leagues

Blitzed_TV 7 years ago

As soon as EA stops being greedy aholes

Knucklesdaclown 7 years ago

Any news on when Daddyleagues will work?

Knucklesdaclown 7 years ago

Are they still selling it even though it doesn't work?

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