Madden 18 Moving to Frostbite Engine

by nathan.lejeune 6 years ago

EA Sports recently released news that it will be changing game engines from Ignite to Frostbite. This exciting news should be a great addition to an already improving game series. If you have ever played Battlefield, FIFA or even Need for Speed, then you have experienced the Frostbite engine in full affect. Frostbite will give developers a whole new set of tools to affect the audio, visual, animations, scripting, AI and much more! Madden 18 will be upgrading from a Hyundai to a Mercedes.

Animations and Visuals

Frostbite will allow developers to upgrade every aspect in the game in a much more effective manner. A lot of those upgrades will come in the visual aspect of the game, including our favorite – animations! Look for upwards of three times as many animations in Madden 18. This means better looking catches, movements and interactions between players during play. If you’ve ever played FIFA 17 then you will know how much better and realistic players move. Look for looks of players, field, stands, crowd and many other aspects of the game to get a huge upgrade in realism. Frostbite lighting will allow the entire environment to be overhauled for a much more realistic look and feel. From images in the background being blurred, to areas above the stadium looking better, the visuals for Madden 18 will be drastically improved.


Look for the Frostbite engine to allow developers to hone in on improving physics to include better in-game interactions between players and their environment and player movement. Games such as FIFA 17 and Battlefield have shown the power of Frostbite to create inspiring environments to pull you deeper into your game. This now will include dynamic weather environments which can change while you play a game. Games in the snow, rain or even dusk will now be as realistic as ever as these can completely change while you play.

More Details

Frostbite will really allow EA developers to take the top off of the Madden series. We can look for more details in every aspect of our games, including facial expressions and emotions. No more blank stares after a big play, no more robots bumping into one another while trying to walk back to the huddle after a big hit and hopefully no more stick figure players on the sidelines while not in the game. EA will now have the ability to give us as many details as possible to make the look and feel of Madden 18 become as real as possible.

Story Mode

For years, many have asked for a full story mode. The ability to take a player from high school to the pros has been on the wish list of many for a long time. Though we have seen many attempts at giving us this option, the Frostbite engine will allow developers to dive head first into this as a real option for the Madden series. If you have ever played FIFA 17, then you know of the very in-depth and detailed story mode which it hosts. From acting, to decisions, to cut scenes, the Madden series will have the ability to give users what they have asked for.

Overall Thoughts

This Frostbite engine could be a real game changer for the Madden series! The series took a huge leap this year in a lot of its new functions and additions for the CFM mode and this will only continue that upward rise. What are you looking forward to the most? What other wish list times would you have with this news of a new engine? Leave us your comments.


WhoDey 6 years ago

Very Informative and well written. Frostbite should definitely be an upgrade from a visual perspective. Story Mode will be a game changer too. Thanks for the scoop!

Garza21lions 6 years ago

Great article Nathan. But I feel like we've been down this road before with EA back in 2013. [code]"The EA Sports Ignite game engine delivers a new level of innovation, further blurring the line between the real-world and the virtual. Developed by EA Sports, games powered by the new engine will be alive: players think, move and behave like a real athlete, with environments as dynamic and ever-changing as real-world stadiums." [/code] Check out this article.[url=http://www.idigitaltimes.com/ea-sports-ignite-can-eas-new-game-engine-live-expectations-359330] EA Sports Ignite: Can EA's New Game Engine Live Up Expectations?[/url] Here is a trailer from 2006 when they moved to Next Gen. Hmmm. I don't recall the game being anything like this. [youtube]dxyTUaqm2GU[/youtube] Then there was this trailer three years ago when they switched to Ignite. Check out that cut by RG3! I still haven't seen players move that fluid in game. [youtube]VWVSwEtJQU[/youtube] I certainly hope that the Frostbite engine delivers, but I won't be surprised if it doesn't.

Knucklesdaclown 6 years ago

Blah. Cmon this is meaningless till they decide to focus on their endless issues. Like the this piece of crap APP that is down AGAIN.

Iiag3nt_z3r0ii 6 years ago

Garza21lions the difference now is that Frostbite is a proven engine. If they don't take full advantage, then its all on EA

JD68YYC 6 years ago

EA rarely delivers. Take this years game, it's an issue when each patch reduces some other form of Game play. But they have Madden users trapped there is no alternative. sucks to be us i guess.

Silentnite33 6 years ago

I think what people is failing to realize is that Frostbite is not new. Currently FIFA is running on Frostbite and that game looks and feels amazing. I can wait for Madden and possibly NBA Live to be introduced on that new engine.

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