CFM Roundtable #1 - Madden 18 Teaser

by nathan.lejeune 6 years ago

Join Nate and several different CFM leaders as they discuss the Madden 18 teaser/trailer that dropped today. The guys discussed what they gleaned from it and what they expect to be in the new game.


Blitzu 6 years ago

Loved listening to your podcast Nate. Im thinking the new madden engine is for real. I like seeing how big CFM is getting a great sim style of gaming for the true football fan. Ive been in leagues for about 6 years now from xbox to now PS4 and have been in alot of sim style leagues and by far my best has been with GIG aka Gridiron Gamers i just wana give a huge shout out to Logan (commish founder ) of GIG for running a great league. I really liked this league because theres a huge base of us and its like a huge family not just madden. So I wana wish all you guys in the CFM world good luck in the future and lets keep growing.

Hero145 6 years ago

Great stuff, man.

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