MLB The Show 17 Roster Update 5/19

by IVIonteith 6 years ago

And we are back with our MLB The Show 17 roster updates! As much requested from the community we will be providing you once again with the latest info on the most recent roster updates for MLB 17. As we did last year, we will try and keep this short, sweet, and to the point. For the full list of changes, that will always be at: http://daddyleagues.com/dd/17/attributes?date=2017-05-19


Starting out with the positive movers: Craig Kimbrel +4 (92), Zack Greinke +1 (89), Carlos Correa +2 (87), Greg Holland +3 (87), Lance McCullers +1 (85), Kevin Pillar +4 (84), Trevor Rosenthal +3 (84), Adam Duvall +3 (83), Matt Bush +8 (83), Alex Wood +3 (83), Brian McCann +3 (83), Felipe Rivero +3 (82), Evan Gattis +1 (80), and lastly Eduardo Rodriguez +3 (80). These, of course, aren't all the positive movers, but it is everyone who is at least an 80 overall +. 


The negative list is much, much shorter in the 80+ range. There is really only a few that we are dealing with and they are as follows: Rich Hill -1 (86), Masahiro Tanaka -4 (82), and Edwin Diaz -3 (80). 


The biggest update we had actually was a few days ago with the addition of 10 new cards with all but the last one coming in at over 80+. To list those they are: Tony Gwynn 96, Cal Ripken Jr 94, Robin Yount 93, Andrew Miller 93, Mat Latos 91, Joe Carter 89, Steve Garvey 88, Harmon Killebrew 87, Doug Fister 85, and lastly Tony Perez 78.  


As stated above, if you want the full list of changes including everyone in the mid 70s tier and new player additions come on over to our Diamond Dynasty Roster Change, and for the new players added in the form of flashback cards you can find that here


If you liked this article, and the mlb 17 weekly roster updates and have any ideas or comments you want to leave about how you think this can be improved feel free to leave it in the comments section below. Until next week, happy hunting. 

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